Core Values

The Contegix name is based on the Latin word contego, meaning “to protect.” That’s our number one mission: to protect clients from the unknown, so they can focus on their business. Contegix has five core values that reflect this mission. We firmly believe that if we follow these core values, our company will become stronger and customers will be the beneficiaries of improved technology, service and solutions.

We are proud to share our five core values with you!



We commit to our customers and employees to always lead with integrity in order to earn, and then maintain, their trust and respect.  By creating an internal culture based on leading with integrity, employees will be empowered to speak up and contribute without fear, and customers will be treated with the respect and appreciation that they deserve.  We will always strive to act and lead in such a manner that our customers can trust our actions and benefit from the results.



We will consistently look to demonstrate respect for our clients, their data and each other.  Experience has taught us that it’s easier just to tell the truth, and we refuse to hide behind jargon or keep details to ourselves. Whether it’s with our employees, partners, or clients we know that nothing builds trust better than simple, straightforward facts. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page, and leads to faster, better solutions. We know that when we remain completely transparent, our respect, passion and care show through at every turn.



Teamwork is vital to provide incredible service that will delight our customers. This extends to not just teamwork among Contegix employees, but also how we interact and learn from our daily customer interactions.  When we work together as a team and show respect to our internal and external customers, everyone will benefit. We truly are better together when we work as a team and welcome alternative viewpoints and different opinions.



Technology isn’t our industry; it’s our passion. We leverage technology and innovation in everything we do. Whether it’s a commitment that puts a Tier 3 Engineer on a ticket within minutes, or building a system that puts pertinent information at the tip of our customer service reps fingers, if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.
We don’t only rely on technology to innovate, some of our innovations are decidedly low-tech. Our employee incentive programs and team huddles keep our staff motivated, informed and on-track. Creating a better way through constant innovation is how we help our clients and partners maintain their advantages and achieve their greatest potential.



If you’re going to change the perception of what a typical IT solutions provider can offer through service and product delivery, you cannot achieve that with average effort. We will set aggressive goals and work hard to beat them. We don’t want to meet our customers’ expectations; we want to Go Beyond them in every way possible. This includes every aspect of our business including customer service, account management, billing and reception. Contegix clients are our biggest fans and promoters, and they rely on us to worry about things, so they don’t have to. We will commit to never rest and not be satisfied with the status quo.  We will always Go Beyond for our customers and partners.