Creating a Cool Out of Office Message

If you’re going to one of the major developer conferences next week, DrupalCon or Atlassian Summit, you need to focus on the sessions, so turning on the out of office mode on your email is a no-brainer. Since these events are aimed at digital innovation and creativity, why not have a little fun with your OOO reply?!

For example, you could say something like “I’m unable to answer your email because sharks have taken over my office. Just kidding! I’m at the Atlassian Summit.” Ok, maybe that one won’t work for your entire audience, but you get the idea! You could also let people know about the sessions you’re attending at either event so they can connect with you if they’re also attending.

We asked a few of our event attendees what their out of office replies will be while they’re at DrupalCon and Atlassian Summit, and here’s what we got….

Kenna Poulos, Director of Marketing, attending DrupalCon:

404 Error: Director of Marketing Not Found 😉 

…Because I’m at DrupalCon!

Kristy Slimmer, Marketing Director, attending Atlassian Summit

Trivia Time: 

Q1: Where’s Kristy?

  1. At Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas
  2. Right behind you
  3. Space

Q2: When will Kristy be back?

  1. When “hell freezes over” gets a remake
  2. Infinity + Never
  3. 4/12/19

Q3: Is Kristy sorry to miss your email?

  1. So…so…sorry
  2. Eh.
  3. No comment.

Answers: 1,3,1

Adriana Velasquez, Marketing Coordinator, attending DrupalCon:

If you’re reading this email, I thank you for coming this far.  Now, I’d like to invite you to go a little further…

If you need to reach me, travel to Seattle where I’ll be at DrupalCon until 4/12/19.  There, at the greatest booth with the coolest swag, you will find me in a Contegix shirt sharing all of the news and updates about our Drupal solutions. 

For those of you not willing to take the journey, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Brian Frank, Sr. Director of Product and Engineering, attending DrupalCon:

It’s that time of year again, the time where hundreds of Drupal solution providers and aficionados make their way to one of the biggest Drupal conferences of the year – DrupalCon.  If you need me, I’ll be there.  Come say hi at the Contegix booth, or wait for my reply. 

Don West, Manager of Solutions Architects, attending Atlassian Summit:

Hello there and thank you for your message!  As much as I’d love to promptly reply to you right away, I’m in Las Vegas at Atlassian Summit telling everyone who will listen all about our new Atlassian end-to-end solutions.  I will respond when I can, but until then….

Have you heard about our new Atlassian end-to-end solutions?


While these are all great examples, it’s important to use your own voice and personality so that whoever is trying to reach you knows that it came from you.  Feel free to take these examples and put your own spin on them.  Or, take advantage of the HubSpot Out of Office message generator – it’s a super fun tool.  Either way, having a great out of office message will ensure that anyone emailing you will look forward to your reply.

See you at Summit and DrupalCon!