Diving Deeper into what “CASP®” Really Means

In the last article, I focused on how traditional hosting and MSPs were a thing of the past, while introducing the new concept of a Cloud Application Service Provider or “CASP®”.  In this piece, I want to focus a little more on what really defines a CASP and why we at Contegix believe it truly is the future for the industry. Applications and websites are being built at a rapid pace and with DevOps still being a newer concept that people are trying to understand, many teams find themselves challenged with figuring out how to deploy things Faster, Smarter and Cheaper. Let’s take time to focus on how a CASP helps you do each of those 3 critical pieces to make your business more successful.

The first word, Faster, is one most of us fear because we have seen firsthand how badly a critical project can be ruined when the team tries to deliver it “too quickly”. No one wants that to happen and very rarely does anyone start out with that intention in mind for a project. However, we also know that today, automation continues to help companies deliver things at a much faster pace than they could before. Great tools like Jenkins and Ansible can automate segments of the development lifecycle as well as parts of the infrastructure software deployment layers. There are other tools that even automate spinning up virtual machines, both on demand, and through auto scaling. Years ago, it would have required days to deploy a virtual machine with all the components necessary to run a core application.  With the newest suite of available tools, that same process now takes only hours, or even minutes, depending on how complicated the configuration. A CASP such as Contegix can help your team make the most of these tools to greatly increase your time to deployment, which allows you to deploy your application much faster than before.  Faster, check!

Smarter, what does that really mean? I always like to use the phrase smarter, not harder. Sometimes we work harder than we should because we don’t know there is a better way. This happens to companies all the time who want to do everything internally because they believe they will work harder, and therefore be better, than if they used another company to help them with their technology needs. As someone who has been in that seat before, that is not the right way to do it, and it is definitely not smarter. A CASP specializes not only in the infrastructure, but also in the optimization of specific applications. At Contegix, we have over 15 years of experience doing this for multiple technologies like Drupal, Magento and Atlassian. This means we know the most efficient ways to optimize your website and/or application based on the size and configuration. This allows your team to focus on the application and the purpose of your business, which is a considerably smarter way to operate! Smarter, check!

I feel like the skeptical part of all of us says, “Well if you are operating faster and smarter, then saving money is a no brainer”. It’s important that I spend some time on this thought because this ties everything together. The “Holy Triangle” says that you can only get 2 out of 3 when it comes to fast cheap and good, but I beg to differ when you wrap the triangle in doing it Smarter. Here’s my point, if you take both Faster and Smarter the way it is described in the paragraphs above, then Cheaper is inevitable.  You actually do get fast, cheap and good in that scenario. In addition to that, anyone who is familiar with the hosting space knows you can usually get hosted solutions for 30-40% less than the cost of doing it yourself. However, if you can get the traditional hosting, basic infrastructure and OS support, with what a CASP provides in going further up the application stack, then you can get them for essentially the same price, wow! That means you can get unmatched performance and optimization specialized for your application, often for 40% less than it would cost you to do it in-house. Now that’s Smarter and Cheaper optimized!  Cheaper, check!

When you combine all of this with our presence in 10 Data Centers across the US, Canada and Europe and our ability to support AWS and Azure, you will start to see how Contegix sets itself apart from all other providers in this space. So, if Faster, Smarter and Cheaper resonate with you, I say take a look at what a CASP can do for your application. The Cloud Application Solution Provider of the future does exist today. Reach out to us at Contegix and we will be more than happy to help you with a Faster, Smarter and Cheaper solution for your critical application today.

About the author:

Jeremy Pease is Senior Vice President of Product & Strategy at Contegix and is responsible for leading the company’s product vision and strategy along with the strategic direction for future growth of the organization.

Pease’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining the product roadmap, developing go-to-market strategies and deliverables, owning strategic product partnerships, guiding acquisition strategies, and guiding end-to-end, organizational product alignment.