The Future of MSPs is Here and It Looks Like Us

The days of pure-play, legacy hosting is becoming a fading trend these days that only applies to the smaller websites. In a world where companies need more from the Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivering their hosting services, the shift towards Cloud Service Providers with a focus on applications and a DevOps mentality becomes more and more of a necessity. This is the core philosophy and differentiator behind what we are doing at Contegix and why we no longer think of ourselves as a traditional MSP.

As the premier Cloud Application Service Provider (CASP®), we bridge the gap between hosting providers who simply provide support to the OS level and MSP’s who only go down to the OS level. We provide support all the way up –  from the hardware to the app stack – to ensure optimal performance of companies’ critical websites and applications.

How did we get here? The core legacy parts of our business tie to ALM tools like Atlassian, while we have added further capabilities with other ALM tools like GitHub, and CMS tools such as Drupal, Magento and WordPress. We know how to optimize these tools to get the best performance for our customers. On top of that, we have a focus on Go Beyond support where we work to provide a level of service that goes beyond our competitors in this space. As we continue to grow our expertise in other applications and technologies, we have a diligent, in-house DevOps practice to optimize automation for our customers. We utilize tools like Jenkins, Ansible and Salt to improve automation of not just the VM, but also of the application and other tools necessary to ensure optimal performance of the application. This saves our customers time and money when they need new instances spun up in a very short time frame.

As we continue to focus on application automation and performance, we realize the other critical piece our customers need is security and compliance. The “S” in CASP stands as much for “Security” as it does for “Service”. We are one of a limited number of providers who can not only provide compliance such as PCI and HIPAA, but have an ATO for FedRAMP compliance. This is an extremely diligent process that takes 18 months to achieve and enforces some of the most stringent controls required in any compliance framework.

The great part is, not only do we have it, but we are able to provide it for our customers all the way through the application stack once again. This is important to note as cloud providers like AWS and Azure only provide a certified infrastructure, but once you put your application or site on top of it, that compliance is usually no longer valid. We work with our customers to ensure they maintain full compliance, inclusive of their application, and can do that within our data centers or even on top of AWS or Azure.

Add all of this to our presence in 10 Data Centers across the US, Canada and Europe along with our ability to support AWS and Azure around the world, and you can begin to see how Contegix sets itself apart from all the other providers in this space. Most of them have a couple of these pieces, but very, very few (if any) can make all the claims above. So, if you are looking for more than a MSP, take a look at the Cloud Application Service Provider of the future that exists today.  Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you with an end-to-end solution for your critical applications.

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Jeremy Pease, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy – Contegix

About the author:

Jeremy Pease is Senior Vice President of Product & Strategy at Contegix and is responsible for leading the company’s product vision and strategy along with the strategic direction for future growth of the organization.

Pease’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining the product roadmap, developing go-to-market strategies and deliverables, owning strategic product partnerships, guiding acquisition strategies, and guiding end-to-end, organizational product alignment.