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HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Solutions

Simplify IT Operations While Protecting Customer Data and Improving Patient Care

Healthcare organizations of all sizes rely on Contegix to confront the ever-changing government compliance standards and increasingly-complex security measures to securely manage and maintain patient data. Our HIPAA compliant services – backed by our state-of-the-art data centers – encourage healthcare agencies to improve their IT operations and protect healthcare data so you can focus on improving the health of patients. Additionally, Contegix healthcare data experts can simplify your IT operations, reduce capital expenses, and improve your data security and accessibility.


Contegix Healthcare Solutions


Cloud Computing & Interoperability

Many healthcare organizations cannot keep up with the speed at which cloud technologies are changing; they simply lack the resources and expertise necessary to handle critical healthcare IT systems. Contegix ensures interoperable cloud-based systems stay connected and supported, and accomplish more than just data sharing. Contegix healthcare solutions support integrated cloud-based IT applications – such as telehealth and telemedicine software – on the PaaS and infrastructure levels.

Security, Scalability, and Performance for Your Healthcare Cloud

  • Compliance- HIPAA compliant & highly-stringent standards for ensuring medical records stay secure and private.
  • Growth- Focus on your message, mission, and project initiatives, not the underlying network.
  • Savings- Costs associated with in-house system maintenance and support resources are eliminated.
  • Security- Real-time monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, and routine security checks.


Record Management & Storage

To properly take on the critical responsibilities of health service agencies such as patient record matching and management, it is imperative that such data be maintained in an advanced, highly-available, and HIPAA-compliant environment. We support all the major EMR/EHR vendors and solutions, as well as many other EHR application options. This ensures that no matter your EMR/EHR hosting and data storage needs, we have a solution that fits. Healthcare professionals understand the significance of keeping patient medical and health records safe. At Contegix, we will design a dedicated cloud environment and offer the security, availability, and interoperability of patient information to these specialists a priority.

Compliance & Security

Our infrastructure solutions meet the most demanding healthcare industry standards. With our HIPAA-compliant data protection capabilities, your business will easily address the ever-changing challenges of federal healthcare requirements.

Contegix Compliant Network Solutions Include

24/7/365 Go Beyond Support

Advanced PHI Security

Database and Network Management

Extensive Physical & Data Security Measures

Offsite Backup Options

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Unmatched SLA

Complete Data Migration Services

Big Data Cloud Storage Solutions


100% Network and Power uptime guarantees
30-Minute Replacement Time guarantee for all critical business infrastructure
24/7 Go Beyond Monitoring and Support

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