Hybrid Cloud Usage Examples

The hybrid cloud approach benefits a lot of organizations, especially the larger they get. What are some specific use cases?

Medical professionals
HIPAA compliance is the privacy standard that all things medical have to adhere to in the United States. A hybrid approach allows separation of the sensitive medical data from the rest of daily operations, making compliance easier. Hybrid cloud also allows communication between insurance agencies and patients without compromising security.

Finance Industry
Network latency is the name of the game here. With high frequency trading, milliseconds matter when submitting that buy or sell request. Locating trading systems physically close to the stock market helps reduce that latency but comes at a high price. Reduce that cost by locating things like the customer site and CRM in the public cloud, keeping only latency-sensitive operations on the private cloud.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Software as a Service (SaaS)
There are many ways a hybrid approach will be beneficial for IoT or SaaS solutions. For instance, you can have the sensitive data, authentication, and metrics stored in your private cloud, and then have the endpoints your devices talk to appear on your public cloud. This will minimize overall attack surface. Hybrid cloud also allows you to easily scale up more endpoints to handle the sales surge from the holiday season. You can also keep updates distributed and cached around the world for quick downloads.

A properly deployed hybrid cloud is great for large businesses and those still growing. It provides a cost-effective method for deploying resources quickly and prepares you to meet future growth. Contact us to learn more. Our experts will be happy to review your needs and determine if a hybrid cloud solution is a good fit for your organization.