Hybrid Hosting Combines the Best of Two Services

Contegix Data CenterThe dependence of companies on their technology infrastructure is only increasing. Cloud technologies are having a big impact on the world of business. There is a constant drive to utilize the benefits of cloud computing without affecting the processes of a business. This has resulted in the creation of hybrid hosting.

Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Hosting is a method of joining elements of dedicated hosting with cloud hosting when a single “off-the-rack” hosting solution doesn’t meet all your needs. This provides businesses with the ability to switch seamlessly between dedicated hosted environments and cloud services, or use both simultaneously, as needed. Businesses no longer have to struggle trying to meet requirements for their various computing needs and accommodating their specific business applications.

With the freedom to build a solution using both options, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of each, without having additional costs and technology challenges.


A common way to utilize hybrid hosting is to support a company’s scalable web applications. A dedicated server is set up to handle an anticipated volume, and a cloud server is set up to step in during high volume periods that exceed the ability of the dedicated server. This combination allows for businesses to utilize the dedicated server to accommodate only the average loads, thus decreasing hosting costs by reallocating the higher traffic to a cloud that incurs charges based upon usage. In addition to cost savings, shifting traffic to the cloud also allows for better, more reliable performance; your site won’t slow down during those peak usage times.

In addition to customization, on-demand scalability, and higher performance, other benefits of Hybrid Hosting include:

Lower Storage Costs: When a company uses hybrid hosting, it will decrease their cost for storage. They can have more storage or decrease it, depending upon their needs. This eliminates the chance of paying for storage capacity that may not be used for a period of time.

Disaster Protection: One of the greatest benefits of a cloud technology is that a company can function in any situation. Since their data isn’t on a physical server, they will be able to continue operating should a disaster occur.

Compliance & Security: Hybrid hosting is great if the regulatory or security levels and legal obligations surrounding your data vary because it allows you to secure data in a variety of ways to maintain your compliance.

Hybrid hosting is a great solution for many businesses. We are reliant on technology to support so much today, so a single solution is not always possible.  If you are unsure if hybrid hosting is the right solution, contact us and we can discuss your needs to see if it’s a good fit.