Infrastructure Improvement – Go Hyperic! Go!

Our single most important commitment to our customers is to provide the absolute best support possible. Part of our support commitment is continuously pushing the response from reactive to pro-active. We want to be able to address an infrastructure problem before our customers realize it is a problem. When it is an application issue, we want to be able to provide you every piece of data available to help you resolve the application level issue. A key component to this goal is our monitoring system. With this goal in mind, I am please to announce that we are making a significant improvement to this core infrastructure.

We have selected Hyperic as the foundation of our new monitoring infrastructure. Specifically, we are deploying the Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition. Hyperic HQ drastically increases our monitoring capabilities by focusing on the health of the server and the applications in your infrastructure. Purpose-built for web infrastructure, and architected to consider all layers of infrastructure including hardware, middleware, virtualization and applications, Hyperic HQ delivers system monitoring, trending, and analysis.

So what does this mean for you – our customer? Let’s look past the server health and examine the application infrastructures:

  • For our customers utilizing Apache, we will now be monitoring the health of Apache, including its availability and number of available Workers/Servers.
  • For our customers utilizing Java, we will now be monitoring the health of the JVM via JMX. These statistics will be collected to determine the health of your application.
  • For our customers utilizing Rails, we will now be monitoring the health of individual Mongrel instances.
  • For our customers utilizing Zimbra, we will now be monitoring the individual components, including availability, speed of IMAP connections, and LDAP connections.

All of this means faster support, faster resolution, and great visibility. And that’s just the beginning…

We have decided to raise the bar on the managed hosting industry and deliver even more value through our trademark Beyond Managed Hosting. For our managed customers, the monitoring will continue to be included in your services. This drives more value from the management services we provide with more visibility into your infrastructure. Beginning this weekend, our support engineers will begin making the necessary changes to customer firewalls to accommodate the Hyperic agent.

The rollout of the agent will begin in approximately two week with completion by March 15, 2008. After the rollout is complete, direct customer access to the system will begin rollout with completion by end of March 2008.

If you are a colocation customer, feel free to contact your account executive or to find out how you can take advantage of this monitoring solution at a reasonable per-device cost.