Setting Up a Jira Github Integration

Jira and GitHub are both popular tools that have earned their place in the software development community. Launched in 2002, Jira is Atlassian’s flagship product, an agile project management and issue tracking system employed by a massive community of users for everything from software development to customer service. GitHub is a version control management system that has evolved from a code repository to a portfolio showcasing tool for programmers.


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3 Tips to Accelerate your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Migrating your Atlassian tools to the cloud is time consuming and can be disruptive to your operations. However, you can accelerate this timeframe and maximize team productivity during your migration with proper planning and superior technical expertise. In this video, Contegix Vice President of Commercial Professional Services, Ryan Kearney discusses 3 ways in which teams can accelerate their cloud migrations, using real-life examples. Learn about:


What is DevSecOps? Definition, Benefits, and Tips

DevSecOps enables the efficient delivery of secure software by integrating security into each stage of the development lifecycle.


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eBook: How DevSecOps Solves the Top 4 Software Security Challenges

Address Application Security Without Reduced Productivity Implementing DevSecOps processes allows IT teams to incorporate security policies into the DevOps cycle. This eBook will cover:


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Discover what agile project management really is and how to start realizing the benefits of agile for your team.


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