The Pitfalls of Bargain-Basement Web Hosting

Every web hosting company is different. They can vary in a number of ways, from pricing and benefits, to their facilities and security standards.

Some of these firms you may have never heard of; they’re flying under the radar but providing exceptional hosting services and solutions. Others may publicize well-crafted commercials featuring cute puppies or professional racecar drivers that advertise $1.00 domain registration and web hosting services. While these commercials may be quality, you get what you pay for. After all, if a deal seems to be too good to be true, it usually is.

The Problems with Cheap Hosting

We all want to pay the lowest possible price, but it’s important to remember that prices far below the average, typically mean below average services. This could be demonstrated through limited support resources, low levels of performance and uptime, security concerns, or congested servers.

Limited Resources: Some firms keep prices exceptionally low by either outsourcing their support roles overseas or limiting personnel or their availability altogether. Other resource problems may also include a lack of contact options (for example, they may have an email address, but not a phone number to reach support) or long wait times.

Low Performance: While constant uptime can’t always be guaranteed, a cheap firm may have issues addressing downtime when it does occur. These issues could correlate with the aforementioned resource issues, which would definitely impact downtime mitigation and response tactics.

Server Issues: Certain low-cost web hosting companies give you a bargain by storing what few servers they have overseas. Sometimes this can work out just fine, but not only can the distance instigate potential latency issues, it can open up the door to security concerns.

From a Business Perspective

The reasons why bargain-basement web hosting can be bad for business are quite obvious. You may be saving money by using a cheap service, but if there are issues related to overloaded servers and you can’t reach support, you and your business will get burned – big time.

Not to mention, if your support requests go hours or even days without being addressed, it may cost your company crucial revenue.

Don’t Get a Deal. Get a Good Deal.

Deciding which web hosting provider is the best fit for your company is a hard choice. Knowing your needs – like bandwidth, technical support, and security – is equally important to knowing how much you are willing to pay.

Also remember that getting a fair price doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive poor services and experiences. Contegix, for example, offers flexible hosting solutions with unlimited support – all at a fair price affordable to organizations and industries of all types.

So trade in those flashy commercials. Ignore offers that are too good to be true. Your website is worth more to you than what the bargain-basement hosts are asking.

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