For Drupal Hosting, Contegix Has You Covered

Contegix Drupal hosting and support capabilities let you focus on your message and mission – not the infrastructure of your website hosting provider. Over 10 years experience in Drupal web hosting gives us a distinct edge when providing services to our customers. Our skilled Drupal system administrators have extensive experience in tuning, scaling, and supporting some of the largest Drupal-based environments, that also provide unlimited support for Drupal 7 and higher. The end result is that your developers are able to focus on your code and content, confidently knowing every aspect of your Drupal environment will be monitored 24/7.

What makes Contegix Drupal Hosting Different?

  • Performance tuning expertise
  • Ability to host and support multiple CMS platforms
  • Full SSH root access and OS control
  • Customizable Workflow/DevOps tools
  • Ability to customize PaaS without limitation
  • Full Drupal site migration assistance

Contegix Drupal hosting capabilities include extensive, unlimited support for your Drupal-based website. The robust nature of the Drupal CMS makes it ideal for managing high volume websites, but that kind of activity needs ongoing and expert support to be successful. We support everything from the infrastructure up to the code. Our Drupal support encompasses the gamut of Drupal configurations – from single server to multi-tier redundant architectures.

Is your organization faced with the challenge of moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8?  Contegix can help guide you through the process.  Working together with our many Drupal development partners, we can facilitate an end-to-end solution of development, migration and hosting management to make your move to Drupal 8 as painless as possible.

Contegix has been heavily involved in the Drupal community since 2007 and is a Premium Hosting Supporter of the Drupal Association. We attend, sponsor, and present at various Drupal events, including DrupalCons, Drupal Camps, and local Drupal Meetups. If you find yourself at one of these events be sure to come say “Hi” and let us know what you’re working on!