You already know you need a WordPress site that loads fast, and handles all the visitors you’ll one day get. A site that stays up under the heaviest of loads, deflects the many daily security attacks WordPress sites see, and provides an excellent foundation for the hard work of creating content and engaging visitors.

By now, you’ve likely determined that WordPress is the right solution for your needs. But you might not know exactly how to make it, and the underlying server software stack, work for you. It takes serious technical knowledge to get WordPress to stay up and stay fast when your website finally succeeds.

Contegix WordPress Hosting allows you to focus on content development and driving more visitors, while we take care of your site. Our proven knowledge and experience give you the performance, reliability, and security you’re looking for. Don’t risk site downtime, slow loading pages, errors, and frustrated customers. Trust your site to Contegix.

Why Contegix WordPress HostingWordPress


We are committed to providing only the best technology, reflected with a 100% infrastructure uptime guarantee, a 100% power uptime guarantee and a 30-minute replacement time for critical business infrastructure. This means that 100% of your time can go back to developing a successful site.


Everybody’s needs are different and those needs change all the time. That’s why we’ve made all of our solutions completely scalable. Scale up or down according to your needs.


We are committed to Go Beyond traditional service by eliminating layered escalation and instead providing Tier 3 support engineers to assist customers 24/7/365, by phone and through our customer portal.


Our multiple data centers, top of the line hardware, optimized software, and Solid State technology all lead to rapid download times and lightning fast page loads for our customers.


Our WordPress experts can craft a high performance application architecture that’s not only ideal for the standards set by WordPress, but also ideal for your unique needs.


A meticulous combination of premises security and managed IT security measures has been deployed to ensure your site is safe and secure.


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