Hybrid Cloud

If a single “off-the-rack” hosting solution doesn’t meet all your needs, you can use multiple Contegix offerings, sharing data and applications across multiple unique Cloud or traditional servers to create a Hybrid Cloud solution.

All Contegix Hybrid Cloud solutions include the opportunity to utilize the three main forms of cloud/dedicated resources; hosted in Contegix datacenter, in the Public Cloud (AWS/Azure) or On-Premise at the customer. We can use any blend of the three to provide the right solution for your operations team. We constantly utilize industry leading tools to evaluate your current environment to determine where we can provide cost and performance gains in our solution offering.  Why do we do this? We want to become your team’s Trusted Advisor by demonstrating  that our focus is on improving your business through these analytics.

At Contegix, our focus is on being THE developer-friendly Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider.  We can provide the guidance on performance and cost optimization for your application on AWS or Azure, on-premise or a Private Cloud.  Providing guidance to the best solution for our customers is our goal.

Common Reasons Customers Need Hybrid Hosting

  • You would prefer to build your own customized solution.
  • You want a mix of public and private cloud resources
  • You are interested in taking a phased approach to outsourcing your hosting 
infrastructure needs.
  • Your business has a variety of hosting needs, each one with unique requirements.


What to Keep in Mind as You Build Your Hybrid Solution


Do you have an exciting project to propel your business, but don’t have the internal resources to manage the Information Systems needed to get started?

Our Hybrid Hosting packages can provide a solution that not only helps get the project off the ground, but also keeps your staff focused on innovation, instead of the systems needed to manage the project.


Do you have periodic traffic spikes and ever-changing needs for bandwidth and storage?

If your site is busy depending on the season, Hybrid Hosting allows you to expand and customize how you house data during specific times of the year.


Do the regulatory or security levels and legal obligations surrounding your data vary?

Hybrid Hosting allows you to secure data in a variety of ways, so you can maintain your compliance.


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