Managed Public Cloud

Leveraging the scale, efficiency and power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud is the goal of many companies. However, lack of in-house expertise or a required focus on core operations can present significant challenges to successful AWS or Azure implementation. It is critical to find the right managed services partner to optimize your managed public cloud environment while also providing the value of automation to your Dev teams.

Contegix Managed Public Cloud for AWS or Azure combines the flexibility, scalability, and strength of these two leading public cloud platforms with our legendary Go Beyond support and managed services. At Contegix, we tailor a managed public cloud solution to both the business and their developers. Our certified experts will design and build a highly-available, public cloud architecture specific to your application requirements and then monitor and adapt your environment as needs evolve. We break the traditional stereotype of cloud providers who only want to support the infrastructure and throw their hands up when the customer needs help beyond the OS level.Microsoft Azure Managed Public Cloud

Contegix Managed Public Cloud for AWS or Azure is built for Ops, but tailored to developers. We support the application with the developers while specializing in application lifecycle management and web content management tools so that we seamlessly integrate infrastructure with development, creating a true DevOps mentality. We also fill the compliance and security gap with our managed services while helping you to maximize automation on either public cloud platform. In addition to security, compliance, monitoring and management, other reasons to migrate your AWS or Azure instance to Contegix are consolidated and simplified billing, increased access to discounts and access to Contegix cost optimization services.

Contegix is proud to be a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Being selected as a Standard Consulting Partner, means that Contegix AWS solutions have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in government, education and nonprofit sectors.