Bare Metal Servers

Contegix Bare Metal solutions for Big Data offer the security and performance that only bare metal servers can offer. Running high performance Big Data Apps like Hadoop or Riak requires the utmost in performance, and there is no substitute for bare metal.  In purely cloud infrastructure, such as AWS and Rackspace Cloud, resources are abstracted away from the physical CPUs and RAM, decreasing resource accessibility.  Combine this with thin provisioning and noisy neighbors, and it means significant reduction of performance across your cluster.

According to data scientists at Intel, a high volume ingestion stream of data from Twitter can be analyzed on bare metal in near real time.  Five-second samples of data can be analyzed for sentiment in just over five seconds.  That same five-second sample can take between two and 15 minutes to analyze on the leading public cloud instances under ideal circumstances with proper tuning.



Monthly Bare Metal

Single Processor Dual Processor Quad Processor
$517/mo as configured $722/mo as configured $1,149/mo as configured
Intel E5-2640v3 (2.6 GHz) Dual Intel E5-2640v3 (2.6 GHz) Quad Intel E5-4617v2 (2.9 GHz)
8 Cores 16 Cores 24 Cores
1,000GB in/out 1,000GB in/out 1,000GB in/out


Customize your Bare Metal servers to your exact specs


Dedicated Processing power. Bare Metal servers provide the highest compute performance for your workload without spending valuable clock cycles on nonessential tasks or sharing with noisy neighbors. We can help you chose a CPU option that fits your needs from a single quad core CPU, to four sockets of blazing fast 12 core fury.

Local Disk

Contegix offers a wide range of local disk options suitable for both bulk storage as well as low latency data processing. Store your data, your way.

SATA Hard Drives

Contegix provides high-capacity SATA drives in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB and greater capacities.

SAS Hard Drives

Top of the line, Enterprise-grade SAS drives make up our core storage offering. With capacities from 146GB to 900GB in 10K and 15K, our enterprise SAS drive offerings are as performant as they are reliable.

Solid State Drives

Contegix supports a variety of SSDs, from inexpensive consumer-grade drives for distributed storage and big data workloads, to enterprise-class MLC drives suitable for high performance caching in production eCommerce applications.

Hardware RAID Controller

Every Bare Metal server deployed at Contegix contains a hardware RAID controller. Whether you choose to deploy your drives in pass-through mode or as part of a high performance RAID array, you can rest assured that your critical data is protected. It’s one of our core values.


High speed DDR3 and DDR4 deliver optimal performance for your applications. In a Contegix Bare Metal server, you can realize the maximal performance of today’s high speed RAM without sacrificing scalability. Most of our servers can support 512GB or RAM or greater.


With abundant inbound and outbound bandwidth across multiple, redundant provider connections, you never need to worry about being throttled or bottlenecked. You can choose to utilize bandwidth by the bulk transfer block, or metered in the 95th percentile model, with the freedom to change models if your needs change.

Network Uplink

All Bare Metal servers receive access to a full gigabit connection to the public Internet and full gigabit private network connectivity as desired. Contegix can also provide 10 gigabit public or private networks for your most demanding requirements, all covered by our 100% network uptime guarantee.

Redundant Power Supplies

Every single server we deploy has two power supplies, fed by two independent primary power circuits, delivered by fully redundant power distribution units, backed by fully redundant battery backups and N+1 Generators… You get the idea. 100% power availability is a guarantee at Contegix, not an option. Check out our SLAs.


Additional Server Options

Turnkey Hadoop Clusters

Contegix can provide small or large clusters of servers ideal for a general Hadoop workload. With our rapid deployment time, and dedicated hardware, along with our solutions architecture expertise, we can take the pain and guesswork out of Hadoop infrastructure selection. With these solutions, you can focus on your MapReduce jobs and data analysis, rather than infrastructure setup and low-level systems administration.

Mass Storage Servers

These servers can accommodate up to 36 internal hard drives and provisioned with your desired specs for companies with big data needs.

Dedicated Racks

Physically locate multiple servers in the same rack to reduce inter-server latency.


Contact Contegix and our team of Solution Architects today to build a customized and scalable solution that is appropriate for your unique workload.