Hybrid Metal Servers

Contegix Hybrid Metal solutions for Big Data join the flexibility of the cloud with the performance of bare metal servers. While running big data applications such as Hadoop or Riak on pure cloud infrastructure may appear to be the best option on a cost-per-node basis, there is a huge factor that pure, cloud-based options fail to address. Performance. That’s why Contegix is proud to offer our Hybrid Metal solution.

What is Contegix Hybrid Metal?

On top of the performance of our Bare Metal servers, we also integrate traditional Contegix Public or Private Cloud infrastructure to add flexibility and augment the infrastructure required for your demanding applications. Administration, dashboard, and logging services, as well as business intelligence applications, can be hosted on private cloud infrastructure that keeps your critical data secure and highly available, at an affordable cost.




Why Contegix Hybrid Metal?

It is a given that bare metal performs multiplicatively better than pure cloud infrastructure. This alone is not groundbreaking. The challenge with bare metal has always been one of budget. Physical servers cost more to acquire, finance, deploy, power, maintain, and support than a VM ever will.

In Hybrid Metal solutions, all the performance of bare metal servers is retained for your most challenging workloads. Contegix offers these solutions on a monthly billing model. That means you no longer must bear the burden of buying, maintaining, and supporting your own physical gear in a colocation facility or in your own facility. Better performance, operational expenditure model? It’s a Win-Win!



Contegix Hybrid Metal Features:
  • Bare Metal Performance
  • Ability to Create Your Own VMs in a Scalable Private Cloud
  • Unmanaged or Contegix Managed VMs


Hybrid Metal for Hadoop




Hybrid Metal for Riak

Big Data is hard. Infrastructure doesn’t have to be. Let us help you achieve the results and performance that will give you a critical edge. You know your stack and workload inside out. Contegix Go Beyond hardware management stays out of the way and lets you maintain control over all aspects of your stack from OS configuration to application tuning and administration. Contegix Hybrid Metal unleashes the power of your data intelligence.

Contact Contegix and our team of Solution Architects today to build a customized and scalable solution that is appropriate for your unique workload.