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Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers the best of both worlds: cloud-like speed and agility coupled with performance, reliability and cost effectiveness all within and across your enterprise data center environment.

Benefits of HCI

  • Scalability. Respond quickly to workload requirements by simply adding a compute or storage appliance. The more mature offerings grant short deployment cycles, providing greater flexibility and agility
  • Optimization. Utilize HCI solutions to consolidate IT resources, as well as reduce staff and data center expenses
  • Efficiency. Manage resources through a consolidated management interface to reduce operating costs and free administrative resources to focus on more strategic business activities
  • Resiliency. Gain better resiliency within single sites and across multiple data centers and remote/branch offices as a result of the HCI design. Also, harness advantages over traditional environments and CI by natively providing data management functions, like deduplication, compression, backup, recovery, and replication
  • Quality. Deliver an always on, always more cloud-like end user experience. HCI technology enables IT to deliver on expectations for service quality, timeliness, high availability, and disaster recovery

See Where Hyperconverged Takes You

Not only can hyperconverged technology transform your IT environment, but it can also function as a springboard for further IT initiatives. Why not rethink how your infrastructure can be opened up to enable new possibilities for your business?

Contegix resells multiple HCI solutions, but unlike many solution providers, Contegix can partner with you for your entire hyperconvergence journey – from consultation and implementation, through management and support. And, as a data center hosting provider , we present the unique option of placing boxes on different segments of your local area network and in one of our data centers.