Virtual Servers

In today’s business climate, your data needs and requirements grow constantly and are always changing. The rate of change has increased; meaning any type of slowdown is very obvious across your entire organization. Shorten the time it takes to deploy new servers to fill a need. Make sure you have a solid path to follow when it comes time to expand your environment. Make your environment portable, to allow further expansions to occur simply and quickly. You need to know that your environment is not only secured against outside attackers, but from inside as well. High availability and redundancy are also terms required by today’s business. Downtime costs money! Virtual servers are the answer. Regardless of your size, virtualizing your environment accomplishes this and more.

With the Contegix Virtualization Management, you can rest assured that our team of technical experts will be able to configure your servers in the most efficient, stable, and fault tolerant manner possible to extend your IT dollar.

Contegix offers industry-leading technologies for server hardware virtualization including VMware vSphere, Linux KVM, and Hyper V. Coupled with our award-winning Go BeyondTM support, our VMware management can take the burden of capacity planning and resource management off the plates of businesses large and small. Whether you are interested in a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution, our VMware based solutions have you covered.



VMware enables efficiency, scalability and agility.

Focus on your business while we help design a virtualization platform that best fits your needs. With advanced features like vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) and more, VMware is a great choice for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Benefits of VMware:

Trusted Performance

VMware has been the virtualization platform of choice of many businesses for years. This production-proven platform is the foundation of many highly-available platforms around the world.

Reduce Risk

Pair VMware HA (High Availability) with one of our dSAN solutions for an always-on highly-available platform for your applications.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed VMware hosting starts with a solid foundation. Allow us to manage the infrastructure including networking, servers and storage. Get back to business and allow us to handle the rest.


Linux KVM

Choose KVM for high-performance open source virtualization.

With integrated support built in to the existing Linux kernel, KVM is a great hypervisor option for an integrated, flexible solution that is backed by Red Hat, a leading vendor of open-source enterprise solutions.

Benefits of KVM:


KVM is integrated as part of Linux and allows for easy administration and use for everyday virtualization needs. KVM is integrated in the Linux kernel itself, no need for a separate kernel.


Because guest operating systems are communicating with a hypervisor that integrates with the Linux kernel, all operating systems can address hardware directly without need for special modifications.

Backed by Red Hat

KVM virtualization is backed by Red Hat, one of the leading commercial Linux distributions. With their support, you can rest-assured the KVM project will be maintained and supported in the future.


Hyper V

Microsoft Hyper-V enables virtualization inside a trusted server operating system.

Experience virtualization inside a familiar environment with Microsoft Hyper-V. All common management functions can be performed through the easy-to-use Microsoft Windows interface. Take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization today.

Benefits of Hyper V:

Trusted Platform

It’s easy to implement Hyper-V because it’s integrated in Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012. Experience virtualization from a familiar console (MMC) and virtualize your workload today.

Virtual Hardware Support

The latest release of Hyper-V supports generation 2 virtual hardware, which supports UEFI and removes older legacy virtual hardware devices. Move to the latest from Microsoft with Hyper-V on Server 2012.

Automatic Activation

If your workload consists of multiple Windows Virtual Machines, Hyper-V can help save time by automatically activating newly-deployed virtual machines (guests.)