Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Natural disasters, human errors, cyber-attacks all create significant risks to organizations.  The loss of data can be staggeringly difficult for a business. It can quickly and easily have a negative impact on sales, operations, customer service and a business’ reputation. Having a disaster recovery plan is no longer optional.

As more companies increasingly rely on collaboration tools, it becomes crucial that your business-critical applications are always operational, even after a disaster. While backups are a great start, utilizing DRaaS offers an even greater level of protection and availability.

The resiliency professionals at Contegix provide cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) that replicates data at the hypervisor-level running virtual workloads on any storage platform.  Downtime is never an option and therefore many businesses rely on Contegix DRaaS to protect their business-critical data and applications.

Why Contegix?

  • Contegix has a proprietary defined phased approach to help you architect a solution that minimizes the business impact of more common occurrences such as security breaches or network outages, and enables concurrent maintenance and seamless migrations and upgrades.
  • Our experienced team will assess, design, build and manage a solution that brings you peace of mind, with predictable costs and reliable protection. Our solutions are comprehensive, yet flexible to work with your current investments and leverage the full potential of cloud and hybrid IT.
  • Powered by Zerto’s industry leading Recover Point Objective (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO) the Contegix DRaaS solution will make you sleep better.
  • Contegix DRaaS is available between all our data centers. We also support replicating workloads into AWS and Azure.
To add this service to your account or for additional information, contact us via e-mail at sales@contegix.com, or via phone at (877) 289-0395, or fill out the form below.