DNS Management

Contegix offers DNS Management Services through our partnership with Dyn, the world’s leading DNS management company. Dyn’s globally replicated infrastructure provides end-users around the world with immediate access to the nearest DNS server. By utilizing strategic management of traffic at the DNS layer from Dyn, Contegix can create a better, end-user experience for your customers. All Contegix customers receive the benefits of our DNS architecture, powered by Dyn!

In addition to traffic management and enhanced speeds, other benefits that customers with domains managed by Contegix automatically receive include Geographic Region Independence and increased availability. Contegix is also proud to offer the following Additional DNS Managed Services. Contact your Contegix sales representative for pricing.

Advanced Traffic Management

Contegix and Dyn’s Advanced Traffic Management gives managed DNS users the ultimate in control, customization and efficiency available with Real-Time Traffic Management (efficient routing of web traffic) and Geo Traffic Management (control of DNS responses to customized geographic rule sets). Take more control of your DNS!

Active Failover

If your data center or server has a failure, Active Failover will save the day. Using our global 24/7 network monitoring platform, we rapidly detect outages in your servers, data centers or network providers and re-route traffic to available locations, ensuring that you are always up and running for your users.

DynECT Traffic Management

DynECT Traffic Management is a DNS-based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution that distributes application load between global data centers, cloud providers or your existing CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). A combination of our former Load Balancing, CDN Manager and DTM Traffic Manager services, DTM is what you need for more DNS control.