Allow us to simplify your migration effort, reduce risk and minimize downtime.

We understand that migrating from one provider to another can be a daunting challenge. From a single server environment to a multi-tiered web application involving many systems, we have you covered. Our in-depth discovery process allows us to fully understand your environment and design a migration plan that reduces risk and downtime.

We Migrate You

Let us move you for free. For new customers, we provide migration services for simple environments to our public cloud or managed virtualization platforms, free of charge. To learn more about our complimentary migrations please contact us to get started. Supported operating systems including: CentOS (5,6,7), Debian (5,6,7), Redhat Enterprise Linux (5,6,7), Ubuntu (Any flavor), Windows (2008, 2012)

Do you have a complex environment and need migration assistance? Let our professionals migrate you. Our white-glove professionals will provide a comprehensive migration plan and execute upon that plan. Our full-service migration approach is ideal for highly complex environments or migrations that require a new architecture along with the move. Learn more about our professional service offering.

Client-Performed Migration

If you prefer to handle the migration yourself and have capable, in-house IT resources, you are more than welcome to migrate your environment with our expert support. Whether you are moving to a newer version of CentOS with newer PHP and MySQL versions or to a newer version of Windows, the choice is yours. We’re here each step of the way to assist your in-house IT team with the migration effort. We understand that your environment is complex, and we will provide as much help as you require. Contact us today to speak about your migration.