OS Management

Imagine a team of skilled system administrators managing and monitoring your applications 24/7. That’s the power of Contegix Operating System (OS) Management. If you choose OS Management as a Managed Service, you can be confident that your managed cloud, colocation and dedicated servers are constantly being monitored and optimized by our Tier 3 engineers on a 24/7 basis. We lift the burden of time-consuming system administration and maintenance from our customers, and we work with them to define custom operating procedures (aka runbooks) for configuration and maintenance.

More importantly, instead of simply managing a server, we are focused on optimizing your applications. It’s the difference between delivering support for one system and delivering phenomenal support to meet your enterprise requirements – big or small.

It’s all part of our Go Beyond commitment to helping you get back to what you do best.

OS Management Features

System Monitoring

We take a proactive approach to monitoring your data, systems and applications. We analyze the health of your hardware and the speed of your applications; and, should we notice unusual activity on your system, we’ll investigate and contact you immediately.sensu_logo_large-c92d73db

By monitoring usage patterns and benchmarking performance, we can identify and fix problems before they impact your services. Contegix utilizes Graphite and accompanying tools to store, report, and graph managed customer metric data. Our default set of metrics for a typical set-up consists of over 500 metric data points per host, per minute. This is by no means a limit, we encourage all managed customers to engage us with custom metric data you’d like to have collected.

System Updates

Updates are a critical part to maintaining the security and overall health of the infrastructure powering solution. They should be easy to prepare and plan for and with our System Update Managed Service, they truly are.

As updates are released for your operating systems, software and applications, we’ll work with you to set up opportune times to execute them. Our team of Tier 3 Engineers will also explain what you can expect with those updates and ensure the process provides little to no service interruption while also meeting any compliance levels your business requires.

Go Beyond Support

Our Tier 3 engineers will install and manage your complete hosting and application infrastructure and be available to assist you on a 24/7 basis. When you call us, you will be connected to a live person, every time. Go Beyond means that we respect your time and exceed your expectations. It is our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service and support, dedicated experts, superior technology, and customized solutions.



What Our Customers Say


“When we were in a pinch, we could get a hold of somebody that really understood Linux based web hosting and could help us with complicated things. Truthfully you don’t find that with most hosting providers. Instead you find front line support guys who try to field all the calls and you’re often convincing them that they don’t know the problem well enough and you have to find someone else who does. We just never have that kind of problem with Contegix, ever.”

Geoff Coffey, Owner, Six Fried Rice