10GB Private Network

10GbE network adoption is a critical component in delivering next generation applications and services to end users. Contegix manages equipment from top tier network device vendors like Cisco and Brocade, delivering over both 10Gbase-T and 10GbE fiber connectivity within your deployment. Contegix is proud to offer 10Gb Private Network capabilities to our customers.  Cisco 10GB Private Network

We support your business needs to achieve high scale bandwidth and ultra low latency network services through multiple 10GbE service offerings.

Fully managed and dedicated devices for highly scaled deployments.

This option is best suited for larger deployments and offers the ultimate in flexibility, control, and next generation SDN features. All these benefits are available, along with fixed costs, even while ramping up the number of physically connected nodes.

A cost effective approach using physically shared, but always logically isolated 10G network.

This options works well for small-to-medium sized deployments and offers an easy path for expansion.

Fully redundant core infrastructure to provide resiliency against outage from link or device failure or maintenance.

If your IT initiative requires a 10Gb Private Network, contact us and we will be happy to discuss available options.