Core Network

Contegix owns and operates it’s own routed core network. In addition, we design and deliver a fully redundant managed network to our customers.

The Contegix border network consists of multiple Juniper MX series routers configured for BGP peering with 4, tier 1 internet backbone providers. While we are constantly improving our network delivery capabilities and peering relationships, currently, the majority of our tier 1 providers are delivered via 10GbE circuits and all are configured for both IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack IP network configuration.

Moving internal from our border network, we also provide a multi-path, routed core network configured in a interconnected layer 3 mesh. This many-to-many interconnect allows us not only perform network maintenance and upgrades without downtime to customers, but also to withstand multiple device failures while maintaining our full managed public network connectivity. Rest assured that our core network has been built to handle satisfy your requirements. Contact us for more details.

contegix-diagram-Tier_One core network