Intrusion Protection

Your data is the heart of your business, and keeping sensitive bits secure and private is essential for any successful venture. Intrusion detection and prevention systems help to secure your network via deep inspection of the traffic as it passes through a network security checkpoint. With a dedicated IDP/IDS device, malicious requests to your application will be logged and trigger an alert of potential attack, or even stopped before they ever get to your server. One method by which a device makes decisions regarding the nature of a request is to be running for a period of time to establish a baseline of “normal” traffic and subsequently take action on requests that are statistical anomalies. An alternative method is to compare to known signatures similar to the way that most antivirus software detects malware.

Contegix utilizes a variety of both host-based and network-based intrusion detection and prevention facilities. Predefined security polices and signature databases from Juniper Networks can be applied to all internet traffic in your environment. In addition, highly customizable network inspection policies can be defined and applied to meet your specific security requirements.

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