Load Balancing

Combine the power of your Contegix cloud, colocation, or managed dedicated servers with our Load Balancing Managed Service. This Managed Service unifies your infrastructure to power your website and applications with increased performance, scalability, and resiliency. All of this is backed by the expertise of our Tier 3 Engineers who monitor every aspect of your services with our Go Beyond service and support.



What is load balancing?

Load Balancing is the process in which traffic and workloads are efficiently distributed among network servers to ensure application availability and performance. It enhances the performance of the servers, leads to their optimal utilization and ensures that no single server is overwhelmed. Proper load balancing and monitoring can actually increase the speed of your packets while improving the reliability of the entire application performance.

In addition, load balancing increases reliability due to the redundancy of servers. This allows for the necessary maintenance and upgrades while protecting the uptime of your application.

Our Approach

Your site’s traffic can be unpredictable, and even the best maintained servers can be overwhelmed during peak usage. Contegix has taken Load Balancing to a higher level by building in proactive monitoring and management of your server availability and network performance. We establish benchmarks for measurement to reveal your baseline performance, allowing us to proactively manage bottlenecks and prevent service slowdown or downtime. Contegix utilizes Graphite and accompanying tools to store, report, and graph managed customer metric data.  Our default set of metrics for a typical set-up consists of over 500 metric data points per host, per minute. This is yet another way of how we Go Beyond for our customers.

To learn more about proper Load Balancing and how our managed services can benefit your environment, contact us.