The Purpose of the Cluster Manager in High Performance Computing

Contegix Data CenterCluster managers are crucial for managing the HPC cluster systems in businesses. These managers by definition are back-end GUIs, or graphical user interfaces, that control all of the computers and servers (known as nodes) within the actual cluster. These are the machines that give the commands to the computers as to how to manage what data, where, and when. They also work with a cluster management agent or agents, which are to manage and configure each specific node to do the task or tasks assigned it.

Some of these tasks include sending mass emails to readers and consumers for marketing purposes, testing out a new computer or video game, conducting job searches online, and do targeted internet searches based on chosen keywords. In other words, cluster managers make possible all sorts of things that people typically do when they go online.

Cluster managers and cluster management agents are used in any and every place of business that requires HPC clusters, or high performance computing clusters. These can be found in any field that requires the management of a lot of consumer and workplace data and files, as well as any place of business that requires a lot of computers to do specific tasks all at once. For example, IT professionals use HPC clusters, and therefore cluster managers and agents to create a Cloud system for the explicit purposes of data storage, data management, and file retrieval.

The use of HPC clusters and cluster managers is essentially the meat and potatoes of the daily online experience. As stated before, cluster managers make possible everything that we do online on a daily basis, be it surfing the web, looking up something on the news, using social media, and so much more. Long story short, HPC cluster managers are crucial to daily internet and computer usage in businesses and on a personal level.