Ramping Up System Audits for HIPAA Compliance

The healthcare industry is more complicated than ever. If you’re a healthcare provider, a business associated with healthcare, or even a patient, changes in healthcare IT are important to you – especially in regard to the security and storage of confidential data.

In recent years, one major focus of healthcare IT has been compliance. As you can imagine, issues of achieving or meeting compliance goals can lead to major problems for healthcare organizations. This is particularly true for healthcare providers and associated businesses who must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires such organizations to protect the security and confidential handling of sensitive health information.

Periodically, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) audits healthcare providers to determine whether their systems are meeting HIPAA standards and to uncover and prevent potential security breaches. Without a doubt, these federally-mandated audits could affect you, your organization, and your clients and patients.

HIPAA compliance is essential for healthcare facilities

In July, HHS began a round of these audits as an essential part of health data privacy, cloud security, and breach notification compliance. HHS’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) selected over 160 physicians and insurance intermediaries to be assessed for HIPAA compliance. As a part of the audit, selected entities are required to provide documentation demonstrating system compliance in regard to HIPAA privacybreach notification, and security rules.

Needless to say, doing this takes a lot of time and resources, as well as technical know-how to meet the required standards.

Providing better guidance to the healthcare community

Patient privacy is of the utmost concerns for healthcare agencies and is one of the main objectives of HIPAA compliance.

Contegix knows the consequences of a breach in patient privacy can be disastrous for an organization. Our team also understands the complexities of meeting federal regulations, and that failure to do so can cause headaches for your agency.

At a time when the healthcare industry is migrating all records to a digital format, the chance for error is huge. Electronic medical and health records, especially those containing personal patient information, need to be as secure as possible. A lot of organizations within the industry simply don’t know how to handle processing this data, or even where to start in achieving compliance.

Contegix exceeds the standards set forth by HIPAA, providing the most secure cloud computing services for healthcare in the industry. The stringent HIPAA security guidelines we abide by include the following to prevent fraud and abuse.

  • Authentication
  • Documentation
  • Electronic Data Confirmation
  • Encryption
  • Risk Management Practices

As always, these cutting-edge solutions are tailored to the real-world needs and demands of a complicated industry that consistently changes

Are you ready for an audit?

HHS will continue its rounds of audits throughout 2016, with a further focus on industry business associates and comprehensive on-site reviews. Even if your organization is not one that must be examined and verified in the near future, your healthcare facility’s cloud storage data and practices need to be secure, compliant, and in your control.

With considerable experience in cloud security and laboring through federal compliance requirements, Contegix can help you achieve this, and more.

When you have compliant and reliable cloud hosting solutions, you’ll be ready when HHS calls. Contact us.