Resource Usage and You

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, there are a lot of variables involved in getting things right. Your projected resource usage is one of the more important variables. A critical thing to realize is your need for computing resources will only go up over time. Never down.

Higher resource needs tend to coincide with the growth of your business, like expanding to new sites and broadening your current offerings. More customers are added, requiring more employees to handle it all. This translates into more concurrent connections, higher load on your servers, and even more data collected on everything, plus backups. Faster growth requires more resources and an even speedier resolution.

Ignoring your resource needs or pushing them off using temporary fixes will cause you more harm than good. Unexpected downtimes become common. Outages are tougher to troubleshoot and last longer, costing you more money. Customers go elsewhere and employees get frustrated.

Being prepared for this growth will help prevent larger issues from impacting your bottom line. For instance, when your big “Cyber Monday” sale is coming up, be proactive. Work with your provider well ahead of time. This allows them to know what to expect, offer guidance, and react to issues quickly. Review metrics to determine if the anticipated traffic can be handled without issue. There are only so many applications you can shoehorn into a single server. A solution that was great when you were one office with ten employees won’t necessarily work after expanding to five offices with over fifty on staff.

It is the difference between visiting the emergency room when you have a heart attack versus your doctor noticing warning signs during a routine exam. They put you on corrective medication and if necessary schedule surgery. Issues are headed off before they can become a problem, with less guessing and no quick fixes. You wind up healthier and save a ton of money on your medical bills; no ER visit necessary.

In this day and age of data collection there is no need to take your provider’s word that more resources are needed. Most providers will be able to back their opinion up with metrics and other facts so you can make an informed decision. Those metrics can also be used to help forecast your future needs and formulate a plan well ahead of time. Preparing for this instead of being blindsided will result in lower cost, better performance, and higher overall satisfaction for everyone involved. Contact us to see how we can help you plan for the future.