Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Atlassian Data Center Implementation

Department of Energy (DOE) – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence is responsible for protecting information and technology that is vital to national security. As an agency where mass amounts of highly sensitive information are being processed they needed help to deploy their Data Center environment of the Atlassian Tool Suite over multiple secure DOE networks. The DOE engaged Contegix/Ascend over the CBOSS contract to accomplish this task.

With years of experience working with federal agencies, Contegix worked with DOE to design, install, configure and support their Data Center environment of their Atlassian Tool Suite. Our team of Atlassian certified experts provided the architecture support and comprehensive guidance needed while implementing and deploying their Atlassian Data Center environments. Making sure we adhere to security requirements, we developed custom Atlassian Data Center deployments across multiple secure environments at DOE.

After custom deployments were executed, we reviewed their current processes and workflows that are utilized across multiple networks. We helped developed custom roadmaps, work breakdown structures (WBS), risk registers, and GANTT charts using custom Atlassian add-ons and the DOE current project management processes. With these custom processes put in place, we implemented a tailor training program for using JSM and the Program Management software capabilities. This was essential for keeping operations and systems aligned across the agency.

As a trusted partner, Contegix continues to support the buildout and deployment of their Atlassian Tool Suite.