"The Contegix technical operations center is always very responsive, and most importantly, we know that it works. We no longer risk losing profit should our system crash."

Since the turn of the century, Elbeco has been manufacturing quality uniforms for working men and women in police, fire, EMS, postal, tactical, corrections and transportation departments throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Throughout its history, the Elbeco philosophy has always been one of dedication to its customers. This core corporate goal has enabled Elbeco to become one of the largest manufacturers of professional uniform apparel in North America. Today, through a dedicated sales team, and more than 400 authorized dealers, Elbeco provides over 1.5 million uniforms to 17,000 governmental agencies and private companies.

Elbeco was seeking a more reliable disaster recovery (DR) plan for their iSeries system. Their current system produces 100% of the business processes from order processing, pick slips, shipping and invoicing. Elbeco was engaged in a subscription-based agreement for DR. However, they found it to be just “a piece of paper.” They needed something more reliable that they could test regularly, keep up-to-date with their current system and access at their leisure.

If, for some reason, there was an iSeries outage, orders would not be processed, invoices and pick slips would not be generated, and the sewing department could not execute alteration requests on orders. In turn, shipments could not be executed and Elbeco would risk a large profit loss.

To combat the possible issues that would arise from an outage, Elbeco engaged Contegix for a unique iSeries Disaster Recovery Solution. “With Contegix solutions in place, we saw that our return to operations improved to 3-4 hours. The transition was very simple, quick and painless – and our DR environment was set up in a matter of hours. The Contegix technical operations center is always very responsive, and most importantly, we know that it works. We no longer risk losing profit should our system crash,” said Carol McHugh at Elbeco.

Having Contegix iSeries engineers onsite to provide training and support allowed for an easy transition. In an effort to deliver easy access to the system, Contegix  provided a dedicated logical partition (LPAR) that can be accessed anywhere. They were also able to eliminate travel for Elbeco by implementing a “save system” from the production box to tape. Elbeco sends the tape to Contegix, and Contegix loads the tape to their dedicated LPAR. Elbeco’s iSeries administrator can then sign in remotely and restore the LPAR from their desk, or have Contegix system engineers do the restore for them.

Elbeco is a company that operates with a strong commitment to dedication to their customers, so they appreciate the dedication we are able to provide them with on a daily basis.