"Contegix matches our desire to meet our user’s demands."

Graybar® is a leading distributor of electrical, communications, data networking and security products that help its customers power, network, and secure their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency.

As a large distributing company with 7,500 employees in more than 240 locations across North America, it was essential that the company use a powerful collaboration tool that can be accessed easily and with effortless document sharing.

As a loyal customer of Atlassian Confluence since 2009, the use of the tool grew organically throughout the company beyond expectations. As Confluence usage was growing, it soon became evident that increased monitoring and attention would be helpful. “With increased demand from our users and continual improvements made to the application by Atlassian, we looked for an outside vendor to take care of hosting, routine maintenance and upgrades, so we could take care of the needs of our employees,” said Tom Crespi, Manager of Change Management, IT at Graybar. Knowing the company needed a new solution for its increasing Confluence demands, Crespi introduced Graybar to Contegix.

Contegix has been partners with Atlassian for over a decade and earned status as an Atlassian Expert Partner due to their deep expertise managing and hosting the wide-ranging Atlassian application suite of products. Contegix has also been the preferred hosting provider for Atlassian and their reputation as Confluence hosting experts made them an attractive solution for Graybar.

As a managed hosting provider, Contegix allowed Graybar to streamline efforts so that Confluence was working for them and not the other way around. Contegix’s experience with Atlassian applications assured that Confluence was in the best environment for optimal performance – Contegix’s redundant systems allow them to offer 100% uptime and so far (1+ year in) they’ve delivered. Graybar also values their quick and expert help to questions and issues surrounding Confluence.

“Contegix has allowed for a progression and evolution of our Confluence system to move at a pace that matches our desire to meet our user’s demands,” conveyed Crespi. The process of addressing issues and completing upgrades was streamlined for the IT department, and the technical support Contegix delivered was beyond satisfactory. “I especially like Contegix because of their prompt, 24/7/365 Go Beyond™ support. Within five minutes of sending an email, they respond and the responses progress in due fashion until resolution,” Crespi explained. “Email is like instant messaging for Contegix. It’s an added comfort to get quick, expert responses to our needs at all hours on any day of the week.”

As a Fortune 500 company that must constantly strive to keep up with customer demands, it is vital for Graybar to meet employee requests and maintain collaboration and communication mechanisms, to continually move business ahead. “Contegix allows us to support and manage a thriving collaboration tool without a lot of effort on our part,” said Crespi, “Confluence is a tool that people trust and actually enjoy using. It continues to grow its footprint, it continues to improve, and having Contegix Go Beyond support for it is icing on the cake.”