Delivering Value to Customers through Collaboration

A surge in the commercial real estate development and construction industries has led to a boost in construction-related businesses, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical specialists. These various sectors of the construction industry have turned to technology to help meet the growing demand for their services. Advancements like customized software help manage their expenses and capital investments, enabling them to better focus on acquiring and retaining business.

Jonas Construction Software has been building integrated software solutions for the construction industry since 1990. With the recent influx in business, they found themselves in need of a reliable, compliant hosting partner.

New customers to Jonas Construction Software could not always meet the necessary hardware requirements, causing them to find third-party hosting. Working with multiple firms, made workflows more complicated and services more expensive; this was not an ideal option for customers.

This scenario was not ideal for Jonas either. Having to rely on customers attaining different hosting solutions from disparate providers would offset the company’s sales cycle and potentially cost it business opportunities. Therefore, Jonas Construction Software began searching for a seamless, cost-effective, and secure solution to meet the needs of its customers and the flourishing ┬áindustry it serves. It required a unified method of offering software solutions and environments for those solutions – all in one place. As an enterprise hosting and managed service provider that serves a variety of industries and specialties, Contegix could meet these needs with a fully-supported and customized solution.

This collaboration between Contegix and Jonas Construction Software resulted in Jonas Hosted. A dedicated hosting solution, in which Contegix would provide customers customized hardware, underlying infrastructure, and technical support, while Jonas Construction Software would continue to deliver them software applications to manage their administrative and business objectives. The goal of Jonas Hosted is to decrease server and maintenance costs, increase accessibility, and help construction service organizations grow and adopt technology to better serve their objectives.

Jonas Hosted offers customers the unified application and hosting workflow with a single bill for both services. With a seamless solution, Jonas Construction Software can onboard clients faster and provide them with a positive, worry-free experience.