"I’ve been blown away by the Contegix service"

Palliative Care Victoria, Inc. (PCV) represents care providers who focus on relieving and preventing suffering of patients and informing families and those with an interest in palliative care in the Australian state of Victoria. The non-profit organization runs an online library, which makes it easier to research palliative care information and services. After finding out its current host, Atlassian, was changing the level of support on third-party plug-ins necessary to run the library, PCV needed to look for a new hosting provider.

The answer? Contegix.

Palliative Care Victoria was hosting an instance of Atlassian Confluence as well as other third-party plug-ins with the software and development firm. Confluence is a management application that PCV has integrated into its library, and it serves as a tool to enable users to access content using its excellent keyword search facility. It also includes a members’ only area to promote collaboration on quality initiatives and special interests. Atlassian informed PCV it would soon change its level of support on Confluence and other third-party applications. CEO Odette Waanders began a search for a managed hosting provider that could best support third-party applications and who was also knowledgeable about Confluence.

She didn’t have to go far. Contegix, being a strategic partner for Atlassian and the hosting solution for Atlassian itself, was a natural solution. Contegix is an expert with Atlassian’s offerings, including Confluence. With that depth of knowledge, Contegix was able to easily handle the third-party apps PCV needed to help run its library.

“The move was incredibly smooth,” said Odette Waanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria. “It was really just a flick of the switch.”

PCV settled on a robust, Contegix fully Managed Public Cloud hosting solution. Better hosting means better and more reliable access for care providers to the PCV library. Waanders was also struck by the exceptional approaches to customer service Contegix brought to the project.

“I must say I’ve been a bit blown away by the Contegix service because it’s the first time I’ve had people proactively approach me just to see how we’re finding their service, if it is alright, and if there’s ever anything they can do better,” said Waanders.

Waanders was so pleased with the Go Beyond customer service, she bragged about it to her bank, explaining they could learn something from Contegix.

“I was very dissatisfied with my local branch bank recently. I couldn’t access them by phone, their email didn’t work and they hadn’t sent the usual notice that reminded me a term deposit was maturing. I visited the Branch Manager in person just before close of business because they hadn’t got back to me by the end of the day as per the message on their phone. I told him, ‘I don’t think it’s worth banking here. Even the company that deals with our IT in the States provides much better service than you.’ Contegix is definitely a customer service benchmark for me.”