Technical expertise to maintain a secure environment

Rx Outreach is a St. Louis-based, non-profit charitable organization designed to provide affordable medications to people in need. Their focus is on supporting low-income individuals and families who cannot afford the medicine they need to sustain or improve their quality of life. They offer over 500 different medications through their mail-order pharmacy.

Rx Outreach was founded as a spinoff business from a large Pharmacy Benefits Manager. As a non-profit, it was immediately decided that the IT department needed to be lean and efficient. The new company was given core application software to manage the new online pharmacy and Rx Outreach needed to find a place to host it. That meant a number of choices to make, and to make quickly. Did the company want its own data center? If so, how much staff can the new venture afford to take on? Or did they want to seek solutions outside?

The decision was to outsource hosting of Rx Outreach’s core servers and databases.

When the company began looking for a service provider, Rx Outreach researched a number of solutions. They were migrating some hardware and software, and needed to create an entire network and phone system from scratch. It was paramount that the hosting environment be created quickly and as seamlessly as possible. It was also desired that the hosting provider be able to manage a company that had a national scope.

Being in the healthcare industry, security was also a main driver the selection for a hosting provider. A comprehensive security review was done of Contegix security policies. Contegix passed this review with flying colors, and Rx Outreach felt that Contegix had the technical expertise to maintain a compliant and a secure environment at all times. Additionally, the Go Beyond support staff and cost were critical factors in the new company choosing Contegix.

There was one more reason Rx Outreach chose Contegix: location. Contegix’s primary site is located in Rx Outreach’s home location of St. Louis, which provided the new company a level of comfort that they were dealing with a support partner that had a stake in the same area and could be visited in person as the need arose.

“Working with the folks at Contegix gave us a comfort level that they knew what they were doing and we would receive the support that we need,” said Jeff Clark, CIO at Rx Outreach.

The Contegix team maintains the hardware environment, monitoring it 24/7/365 so Rx Outreach doesn’t have to do the day-to-day work on the operational side of managing servers.

Knowing that Contegix is doing the work that needed to be done gives Rx Outreach the freedom to be hands off its hardware environment, and allows the IT team to focus on software development. Since 2010 Rx Outreach has helped patients save over $320 million in prescription drug costs.