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Building Your Rockstar Drupal Team

Having trouble finding the right people to build your rockstar Drupal team? This booklet will describe what skills are needed in each role and the importance of each skill, so you know what to look for in the ideal candidate.

The Hero’s Guide to Atlassian Management

This is a practical guide for the busy Atlassian manager. The tips and tricks in this eBook will give you the knowledge you need to become the company hero.

FedRAMP Risk Management Framework

Learn about how FedRAMP simplifies the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Risk Management Framework in this interactive infographic.

FedRAMP and the as-a-Service Cloud Models

In our short video, Jason Ford, CTO/CISO at Contegix explains FedRAMP and how it pertains to the as-a-Service cloud models.

What’s Your FedRAMP IQ?

Answer these ten questions to test your knowledge of the government compliance known as FedRAMP.

CASP Vendor Comparison Matrix

Choosing the right provider requires due diligence. Download this comparison matrix to help you organize, compare, and identify the right Cloud Application Service Provider (CASP) for your cloud strategy so you can reap the benefits of the cloud, worry-free.

The Anatomy of an Optimized Drupal Environment

This infographic is a great reference for you if you notice that the performance on your Drupal site is declining.

Disaster Readiness IQ Test

Take this ten question test to see if you are aware of the impact a disaster can have on your company.

Drupal Hosting Vendor Comparison Matrix

Anyone can host a Drupal site, but not all hosting companies can deliver the speed or performance you need at a reasonable cost. This comparison matrix can help you organize, compare, and identify the right partner for your site or application.

What’s Your Role on the Drupal Team?

Take this 13 question test to find out if your skills and characteristics point you toward being a Developer, Themer, Site Builder, or another key role on the Drupal Team.

Q&A with a Drupal Expert

Get all of your pressing Drupal questions answered during this short video!

Atlassian Migration Checklist

The best way to ensure a safe and efficient application migration, is to develop a solid process. You can’t do that without experience. Since we have over 16 years of experience with Atlassian environments, we decided to share our process with you, in a way that is easy to follow.

On-Premise or Hosting Partner?

Take this test to find out if your Atlassian environment is best suited to host in-house or with a partner.

Build VS. Buy: Calculate the TCO of BDR

When selecting backup and disaster recovery (BDR) technology, you must decide if you will choose an integrated solution from a BDR vendor or build your own. Download this ebook to make an informed decision.

Disaster Recovery Evaluation

Will you be ready when disaster strikes? Take this simple 7 question evaluation to find out.

Security Frameworks

Developing and managing an information security program is critical to your business, but it is a big task. This eBook will help you develop an IT Security Framework to protect your systems, applications, information, employees, and clients.

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Disaster Recovery 101 – eBook

This Disaster Recovery ebook will help you learn about DR from the ground up. It will assist you in making informed decisions when implementing your DR strategy, enabling you to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

Contegix CTO/CISO, Jason Ford, Speaks on IT GRC Webcast

Listen to the IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance management (IT GRC) webcast to hear Contegix CTO/CISO, Jason Ford, provide his insightful point of view.

Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

Take this quick 6 question quiz to find out how your business continuity plan scores on a scale of "totally ready" to "out of business".

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Security Insider Perspective: Jason Ford, Contegix CTO/CISO

We took some time to speak with Jason Ford, Contegix CTO/CISO, to better understand common security questions he faces and the steps he takes to keep customer environments secure.

Downtime Calculator

Do you know how much an outage could cost your business? Use this downtime calculator to help you measure the business impact of a potential IT disaster.

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Password Strategy Cheat Sheet

Passwords are your first line of defense against hackers and malicious software. Consider this cheat sheet basic training for the ongoing battle against hackers.

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Finding the Right Managed Security Provider

It is simply not enough for cloud providers to say they are secure. MSPs need to show they are secure. This ebook details the 8 crucial criteria you need to consider when selecting a Security-Focused MSP.

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How to Overcome Security Challenges in the Cloud

Cloud computing and security go hand-in-hand in the minds of many enterprises. In this eBook, you will read about the most pressing security risks and challenges facing businesses today and how to overcome them.

Should I Move This to the Cloud – Flow Chart

Not all applications or sites can – or should – move to the cloud. This is due to things like compliance rules, regulations or technical limitations. So how do you figure it out? This flowchart will help!

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Cloud Ready Checklist

Moving an application or site to the cloud can be complex. Before you get started, use this simple checklist to stay organized and ensure you are ready to move to the cloud.

Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Cloud Strategy

Smart businesses don’t spend a penny before clearly understanding how cloud fits in their business. Deciding what you want to accomplish with cloud computing is just as critical as actually doing it. You need a cloud strategy. So how do you create one?

Atlassian Application Managed Hosting

Learn why Contegix is the global leader in Atlassian hosting.

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The Importance of First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First Contact Resolution (FCR) at the Service Desk is a critical metric because of its powerful impact on both service cost and service quality. This eBook discusses FCR and addresses ways that the FCR Key Performance Indicator not only impacts client satisfaction, but also lowers total support costs and increases efficiency of your IT organization.

First Contact Resolution Benefits Calculator

First Contact Resolution(FCR) at the Service Desk delivers a powerful impact on service cost and quality. Use this calculator to see how improvement to first contact resolution at the service desk will deliver cost savings to your organization.

Managed Services For An Advertising Agency

Josh Byington, Director of Technology and Development at Paradowski Creative, describes his experience with Contegix Managed Services.

Best Practices For Managing Your Atlassian Stack

Our expert, Contegix Engineers discuss Best Practice Tips for Managing Atlassian environments.

Managed Private Cloud

Contegix Private Clouds - It's the Cloud, the way YOU want it.

Managed Services And Applications

See how Contegix Managed Services can lift your technology burden.

Tips For A Successful Bamboo Migration

Contegix Engineers held a video cast to share expert tips on migrating a Bamboo instance from Atlassian Cloud.

Hybrid Metal Servers

Contegix Hybrid Metal solutions for Big Data join the flexibility of the cloud with the performance of bare metal servers.

An Enterprise Colocation Customer

Rich Burnell, of UniGroup, describes his enterprise Colocation experience.