Contegix Invests $2 Million in Reading, Pa. Data Center

Upgrades to Critical Facility Infrastructure Enhance
Performance and Reliability of Cloud Platform

READING, Pa., Nov. 12, 2020 -- Contegix, the leading provider of managed IT solutions and managed application solutions, today announced significant upgrades to the critical infrastructure in its Reading, Pa. data center. These upgrades provide a fully modern, state-of-the-art data center solution for enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability. With these enhancements, Contegix delivers on its promise to make technology simple, manageable and affordable for its customers. These upgrades future-proof the data center for up to 15 years and allow for the continued growth of the Contegix cloud and network platform.

The upgrades include replacements of the following infrastructure:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Contegix has installed new max capacity UPS systems to ensure machines are appropriately powered at all times.
  • Cooling System: Contegix has replaced chilled water-based cooling systems with air cooled systems which are more environmentally friendly.
  • Generator Controls and PLC: The upgraded generator controls and PLC ensure full redundancy and allow for increased capacity.

Hundreds of Pa.-based businesses rely on this Reading data center for their technology operations and infrastructure. The upgrades ensure that Contegix can continue to run and operate an enterprise-grade cloud and network platform.

“This investment in modernizing our data center demonstrates our commitment to our customers,” said Dave Michaud, vice president and general manager, Managed IT Services at Contegix. “We have a significant number of customers in the higher education, CPG and healthcare industries who have thousands of users accessing these systems each day. Ensuring that their systems are available 24x7 is our top priority and we will continue to invest in the infrastructure needed to do so while being environmentally friendly.”

Contegix’s cloud infrastructure services include highly available virtual server administration for onsite, hybrid, and public/private cloud applications. Additionally, Contegix provides managed network infrastructure from local switch/router configurations to complex firewall and SD-WAN solutions. The company’s technical operations center provides 24x7 monitoring and administration of critical systems in the Contegix data center, on the customer’s network, or in the cloud.

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