On-Demand Webinar: Automated & On-Demand Infra for Secure Environments

Technical teams serving the public sector are asked to interact with more non-technical stakeholders than ever before. Developers facing this increased demand for visibility into the development process must nevertheless maintain security and compliance. 

Tugboat enables teams to create on-demand infrastructure for every Git branch or tag for end-to-end visibility throughout the entire development process. As a trusted partner of Tugboat, Contegix supports Tugboat on our FedRAMP compliant platform, allowing developers access to secure tooling and environments.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Tugboat’s Lead Engineer, James Sansbury, and Contegix’s Sr. CMS Product Development Director, Solomon Gifford, who will demonstrate the importance of securing the entire workflow while enabling more visibility than ever before. As they dive into how deployment tools are used, they will share how to integrate security throughout the process. They will cover...  

  • Simplifying and automating deployment previews
  • Implementing shared visibility and access
  • The benefits to on-demand ephemeral environments
  • Compliance framework requirements
  • The components of a secure supply chain

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