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October 2023 Atlassian Cloud Price Changes

Atlassian has announced updated pricing for all Cloud customers which will come into effect on October 18th, 2023. Both list and advantaged customers* will experience these price changes, the intention of which is to reflect Atlassian's continued product investment and bring advantaged prices more in line with list prices.


Contegix Announces FedRAMP High Cloud Platform for Atlassian Software

Contegix, an Atlassian Platinum Solutions provider and Government Verified Partner today announced the launch of its FedRAMP high platform. This cloud solution is now available directly from Contegix or through Atlassian Verified Government Partners.


3 Best Practices for a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration

Planning for a successful move to Cloud can present many challenges without proper preparation and effective strategy in place. Knowing the best practices ahead of time help streamline the migration process with minimal disruption and valuable results. In this webinar, you will learn efficient preparing techniques and the importance of assessing capabilities, processes, and governance before migrating.

Migrate to Atlassian Cloud

A New Year’s Resolution: Migrate to Atlassian Cloud

With the end of Atlassian server fast approaching, at Contegix we think that it is high time for server customers to make a New Year’s Resolution for 2023: make the move to the Cloud!


3 Hacks for Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Of the 200,000 organizations that use Atlassian products, no two teams are the same. That’s why as users, being able to adjust Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other applications based on company needs—and as Atlassian releases new product features—is critical. For several months, however, Atlassian server users have been in a limbo state, unable to upgrade or downgrade their apps. This paralysis adds a level of urgency to transition to cloud before support for server products ends in February 2024. 


Q&A: Why You Shouldn’t Migrate to Atlassian Cloud Alone

For the majority of companies, innovation is happening in the cloud, whether that means launching a new product or making critical updates to existing features. However, out of the 75% of global tech leaders that confirm this strategy, only 8% say they have experience working with cloud-related tools.


4 Key Benefits of Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian is continually improving their Cloud products to better serve businesses. This eBook will cover multiple benefits common to successful cloud migrations.


4 Benefits of Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud has proven to enhance the performance, scalability and reliability of an organization's environment, enabling teams to meet business needs more efficiently. Watch this video to learn how to take advantage of the benefits that come along with a successful cloud migration.


A Guide to Shopping the Atlassian Marketplace: Best Apps for Cloud in 2022

No matter what cloud product an organization needs, there’s likely an app—or two—to help optimize performance. The Atlassian Marketplace offers hundreds of apps and integrations designed to uplevel user experience while helping teams work better together. Since Atlassian Server products will lose support in 2024, it’s even more important to choose streamlined cloud-based apps.