From Chaos to Control: Modernizing Incident Resolution and Change Management with JSM and DevOps

Gain insight into automating key processes and using Jira Service Management (JSM) as a central place for incident management and change control. In this webinar we delve into the world of continuous delivery and how JSM and DevOps can improve incident resolution, change management, and problem management processes. 


Improve Cloud Protection by Working with a DevSecOps Expert

According to the 2022 Cloud Security Report, cloud security incidents are still on the rise, causing misconfigurations and exposed user data. More than a quarter of organizations (27 percent) have experienced a public cloud security incident—up 10 percent from 2021. 


Choosing the Best Tools for Your DevSecOps Transformation

The costs associated with a security breach are higher than ever, up to an average of $4.24 million per business. Moving from DevOps to a DevSecOps framework has become one of the best ways for organizations to guarantee that code ships securely—and to avoid the costly repercussions of breaches. 


4 Trends Defining the Future of Software Development

While much is known about developers' preferred coding languages, frameworks and cloud platforms, less is understood about how developers prefer to work and what they actually want to work on. Wonder no more. Atlassian has released its first-ever “State of the Developer” report, which provides a fresh look at how developers' attitudes and preferences about work have changed in a remote and hybrid world. 


Making History in Space

Yesterday, the Space Force and industry partners quietly made history. Well, as quietly as possible when launching giant metal towers full of rocket fuel into space at speeds up to 10k MPH. August 4th, 2022, saw the space coast making and breaking records:


Setting Up a Jira GitHub Integration

Jira and GitHub are both popular tools that have earned their place in the software development community. Launched in 2002, Jira is Atlassian’s flagship product, an agile project management and issue tracking system employed by a massive community of users for everything from software development to customer service. GitHub is a version control management system that has evolved from a code repository to a portfolio showcasing tool for programmers.


Tackling 4 Security Challenges with DevSecOps

Achieving a robust cybersecurity posture has been mission-critical as businesses experienced a staggering spike in cybercrime last year.


Security-First State of Mind: The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to DevSecOps

Agile development rose to prominence over a decade ago as developers needed faster, more efficient processes to deliver high-quality software releases. But despite the rise of agile, silos between development and operations teams still created bottlenecks slowing down the development process. DevOps, which brings together development and IT teams, emerged as the next evolution in development to boost collaboration and release better software, faster. 


What is DevSecOps? Definition, Benefits, and Tips

DevSecOps enables the efficient delivery of secure software by integrating security into each stage of the development lifecycle.