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Moving Data in Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Cloud technology plays an essential role in bringing innovation and better outcomes to today's healthcare systems, from helping doctors care for patients remotely to enabling collaboration between providers in other institutions. And as new technology is introduced, healthcare digitization will only increase.


From Cybersecurity to Compliance: Ensuring Applications and Their Data are Secure

Businesses have been forced to contend with an unfortunate growing fact: a security breach is all but inevitable. Last year, nearly every type of cyberattack—from ransomware to encrypted threats—increased by anywhere from 6% to over 100%. Encrypted threats rank the highest, having shot up by 167% (10.4 million attacks).

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3 Cybersecurity Measures For Healthcare Providers To Consider

Go beyond HIPAA in protecting healthcare data with these 3 action items


Leveraging Managed Services and IT Support Partners for the Healthcare Industry

Health systems have been gradually upgrading their organizational structures to allow for more digital infrastructure and tools over the years. More recently, many healthcare providers began taking an aggressive approach to innovation to meet growing patient demands and an increasingly competitive market.


Ensuring HIPAA and FedRAMP Compliance During a Public Health Crisis

The healthcare community is under immense stress right now as the COVID-19 pandemic consumes public health expertise, medical research capacity, hospital resources and equipment availability. Luckily, there are IT and tech solutions developed with compliance in mind that hospitals and government agencies can implement to help them through the crisis.