Ask an Atlassian Expert: Advice for Documenting Vital Processes with Confluence

Atlassian’s Confluence is the only documentation tool designed to integrate seamlessly with Jira, providing an additional level of support to bolster Jira’s effectiveness. If your team is using Jira, you might be wondering how Confluence can level up your Jira implementation. 


Meet Public Sector Digital Transformation Milestones Faster with Contegix

Public sector IT projects are falling short: According to recent McKinsey research, only one in 200 projects delivers the intended benefits on time and within budget. And compared to private sector organizations, where delays are less common, public sector cost overruns are nearly three times as high.   


How to Achieve Agile at Scale

Agile’s growing popularity among enterprises is largely because it can be used on any type of project and on any scale. However, achieving agile at scale effectively requires an organization’s operations to be aligned with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) principles.


Intranets - Taking Your Confluence to the Next Level

One of our primary focuses at Contegix is watching the Atlassian Marketplace carefully; picking up trends, analyzing top sellers and performers, and producing reports on the different categories of apps. Due to COVID-19 and the large-scale shift around the world to remote work, the criticality of an intranet becomes elevated; without visual cues that someone isn’t busy, staff are more hesitant to grab a moment with a colleague for any number of reasons – like perhaps that the information they want is already online.

White Paper

A Review of Scripting & Automation Apps for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

For many customers, the Atlassian Marketplace offers a dizzying array of options. Our category reports help you navigate your way through all the choices. This unique category report on “Scripting & Automation Apps” covers the key players, their market share, a model to understand the space, and a few use cases. It also provides a recommended approach and tips for best practices.