JSM Exposed: Navigating Key Features to Advance Service Delivery

Discover how JSM revolutionizes IT service delivery and empowers teams to excel in incident management and problem resolution. Demo included in this exclusive on-demand webinar! 


From Chaos to Control: Modernizing Incident Resolution and Change Management with JSM and DevOps

Gain insight into automating key processes and using Jira Service Management (JSM) as a central place for incident management and change control. In this webinar we delve into the world of continuous delivery and how JSM and DevOps can improve incident resolution, change management, and problem management processes. 


Fuel Efficient ITSM with Atlassian’s Latest AI Features

For several months, AI—specifically generative text applications—have been top of mind in the tech sector. And now, Atlassian Intelligence is bringing that functionality to Atlassian’s product suite, enabling users to automate support in Jira Service Management, and accelerate efficient IT Service Management (ITSM) across their organization.  But what is ITSM and why should organizations practice it at all? 


Making the Switch: Comparing Top JSM Competitors and the Simplicity of Migrating to JSM

To meet customer needs and accelerate service delivery, organizations must use a modern platform that enables teams to rapidly respond to evolving market dynamics. As the most collaborative service management tool on the market, Jira Service Management allows teams to manage their work with a feature-rich platform while offering the potential for future growth.


What is Jira? Definition, Use Cases, and Getting Started

Find out what Jira is and how it can help your organization improve project management and implement agile processes.


How Jira Service Management Can Simplify ITSM During Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is a major business transformation, requiring organization leaders to integrate new departments and unify two different companies’ technology and systems. Several aspects of this work, including issuing employees updated email addresses, laptops, and access permissions, as well as building new workflows for recently joined teams, fall under the scope of the organization’s IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy. 


Level Up Your Service Management with 5 New Jira Features

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management is an indispensable tool used by over 45,000 organizations to manage service requests and build agile teams in IT and beyond. While JSM is rooted in IT service management, it can help every team provide quality, efficient responses to service requests. From document approval in the legal department to employee onboarding in HR, JSM improves communication and response efficiency, keeping business goals and service operations aligned.


How Jira Service Management Brings New Opportunity for Your Entire Enterprise

What comes to mind when you think about agile workflows and service management platforms? For many, these tools are associated with software and IT teams, which need flexible platforms to document, assign, and track tasks. But the reality is that every part of the enterprise can benefit from digital tools that streamline workflows and organize business-critical operations, especially now that so many teams are digital-first and remote. 


Unleash your ITSM potential at Pink23

Contegix and Appfire invite you to join them at Pink23's Annual ITSM Conference, Feb 26th-Mar 1st 2023 in Las Vegas. Explore best practices, methodologies, our SYNTHESIS Solutions Platform and network with industry leaders.