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October 2023 Atlassian Cloud Price Changes

Atlassian has announced updated pricing for all Cloud customers which will come into effect on October 18th, 2023. Both list and advantaged customers* will experience these price changes, the intention of which is to reflect Atlassian's continued product investment and bring advantaged prices more in line with list prices.


License Management: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Atlassian customer struggling with license management? Collaborating with a Solution Partner can not only help you navigate the world of Atlassian licensing but also maximize the potential of your Atlassian experience. To provide more clarity on the benefits and processes involved in partnering with a Solution Partner, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions.  


Navigating Atlassian’s On-Premise Price Changes (February 2023)

On January 10th, 2023, Atlassian announced changes to their Server and Data Center products pricing as of February 15th, 2023. These changes affect Jira Software and Confluence with impacts varying based on whether customers are on advantaged or list pricing. On Server, both advantaged and list prices will be changing while on Data Center only advantaged pricing will be subject to change. You can find more details on the changes below.


Manage Your Atlassian Licenses With Contegix

At Contegix, we are a leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner operating across North America. With a number of unique offerings that help bring value to our customers in ever more innovative ways, we help our customers maximize the value they’re getting from their Atlassian stack. With Atlassian primarily acting as a product-first organization, as a Solution Partner, we operate as Atlassian’s ‘boots on the ground’, assisting customers with Atlassian Solutions, Training, Hosting, and Licensing.


7 Tips for a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration

More and more organizations are deciding that now is the time to make the move to Cloud. With recent improvements to data residency, on top of Cloud’s ability to save customers money & time and improve security & agility, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.