How Jira Service Management Brings New Opportunity for Your Entire Enterprise

What comes to mind when you think about agile workflows and service management platforms? For many, these tools are associated with software and IT teams, which need flexible platforms to document, assign, and track tasks. But the reality is that every part of the enterprise can benefit from digital tools that streamline workflows and organize business-critical operations, especially now that so many teams are digital-first and remote. 


Unleash your ITSM potential at Pink23

Contegix and Appfire invite you to join them at Pink23's Annual ITSM Conference, Feb 26th-Mar 1st 2023 in Las Vegas. Explore best practices, methodologies, our SYNTHESIS Solutions Platform and network with industry leaders.


Merging Jira Accounts: How to Handle an Atlassian Account Merge

Discover all the methods for merging Jira accounts on Cloud, Data Center, and Server in this comprehensive guide.


Improve Cloud Protection by Working with a DevSecOps Expert

According to the 2022 Cloud Security Report, cloud security incidents are still on the rise, causing misconfigurations and exposed user data. More than a quarter of organizations (27 percent) have experienced a public cloud security incident—up 10 percent from 2021. 


Ask An Atlassian Expert: Advice for Optimizing Your Jira Use

Organizations have made dramatic changes to their tech stacks: Last year, the average company reportedly used 110 SaaS apps compared to just 16 in 2019, a near sevenfold increase. To address novel remote-work needs and increasing application sprawl, many organizations are now rethinking their software tools and processes.


Top Tips for Maintaining a Clean Jira Environment

Think back to this time last year. How much has your organization changed? You may have gained new team members, while some employees transitioned into new roles or moved on to other companies. Perhaps today, your team collaborates differently with other departments based on current projects, or maybe your company has adopted more technology to support employees at work. 


Meet Public Sector Digital Transformation Milestones Faster with Contegix

Public sector IT projects are falling short: According to recent McKinsey research, only one in 200 projects delivers the intended benefits on time and within budget. And compared to private sector organizations, where delays are less common, public sector cost overruns are nearly three times as high.   


Powering your Help Desk with Jira Service Management

More and more organizations are looking for ways to improve the customer experience. In this presentation we discuss how applying IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices can take your service help desk to the next level!