Improvements to Atlassian Confluence Create Better Results for Remote Teams

Today, collaboration platforms are seen as an essential component of how we work, and according to a survey of 1,200 global IT decision-makers, could replace traditional communications methods by 2024. As a result of more hybrid work models and co-located teams, organizations need tools that keep them connected. And long-standing collaboration platforms like Atlassian’s Confluence, are evolving to answer the call. 


Podcast: Adventures in CI/CD

Listen to our recent podcast with the Lando team and our Sr. Director of CMS Product Development, Solomon Gifford, as they talk about the wild world of modern CI/CD providers, SecDevOps, and the quest to put the "dev" back in "DevOps". We recently collaborated with the Lando team on a guide to modern CI/CD providers to help developers take the next step in their CI/CD adventurers. This podcast is a follow-up to that article. A few things to listen for...

Contegix Acquires Ascend Integrated

Acquisition expands Contegix’s Secure DevOps Solution Offering and solidifies Contegix as the leading Atlassian Government Solutions Partner


Deploying Drupal on AWS: Don’t Go it Alone!

After more than a year where in-person interactions took a back seat to online interactions, users’ expectations for digital experiences are higher than ever. In fact, more than half of U.S. consumers (65%) now prefer their brand experiences to be online. To keep pace with more digital-first consumers, a growing number of organizations are turning to cloud services.

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How Jira Solutions Can Help Teams Facilitate Scrum or Kanban Frameworks

When it comes to implementing agile methodologies, software or product development teams most commonly choose one of two frameworks: Scrum or Kanban. Scrum is far and away the most-used approach for implementing agile according to the 2020 State of Agile Report: about three-quarters of respondents surveyed said they use Scrum or a hybrid of Scrum and another method (like Kanban). 


Public Sector Drupal Sites Benefit from AWS Cloud But Still Have to Keep Compliance Top of Mind

As the shift to online services pervades in the wake of the pandemic, cloud adoption in the public sector continues to accelerate. To keep pace with the demand for digital operations, more government agencies are looking to hyperscale clouds like Amazon Web Services to meet a growing array of cloud needs. One such need is improving website infrastructure to deliver improved digital experiences using a combination of Drupal and cloud. 


CI/CD Beyond Jenkins

You're a DevOps wolf. Big. Bad. And on the prowl for a new CI/CD solution to keep your pack howling along, shipping code faster than a caribou on Planet Earth. Continuous integration and continuous delivery are more than a set of tools; they're concepts at the core of what you want for your team of miscreant lupine programmers. "Continuous integration" means that you're able to seamlessly merge in new changes to your codebases. It's enabled by automating builds and tests, allowing you to more frequently and consistently ship code.

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How to Build Collaboration-Conducive Workflows With Atlassian’s Confluence

During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees were worried most about their ability to collaborate effectively— in one study, 75% cited their inability to collaborate as a top concern associated with working from home.