Going Cloud-Native: Why You Need AWS Management to Take Cloud Environments to the Next Level

Complex services such as purchasing a vehicle have long gone digital to keep up with consumers’ demand for convenience and efficiency. But simply operating as an online business isn’t enough to compete in today’s digital market––in order to thrive, organizations must evolve their digital services as both consumer and business priorities evolve. For example, automotive companies today are gearing up to provide in-car software that could teach drivers how to operate their vehicle off-road or even provide entertainment suggestions.  


3 Tips to Accelerate your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Migrating your Atlassian tools to the cloud is time consuming and can be disruptive to your operations. However, you can accelerate this timeframe and maximize team productivity during your migration with proper planning and superior technical expertise. In this video, Contegix Vice President of Commercial Professional Services, Ryan Kearney discusses 3 ways in which teams can accelerate their cloud migrations, using real-life examples. Learn about:


Agile for ITSM: Four Ways Jira Service Management Can Resolve Problems and Make Your Clients Happy

As the need to deliver online service support grows, IT service management (ITSM) teams, the long unsung heroes behind organizations’ support efforts, are being thrust into the spotlight. These teams are responsible for meeting the growing demand for high-quality support experiences, such as providing first-class ticketing and online service management systems. However, existing processes or tools are not designed to meet the pace of today’s “always-on” world and can often hinder ITSM teams from rapid responses to internal or client issues. 


Security-First State of Mind: The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to DevSecOps

Agile development rose to prominence over a decade ago as developers needed faster, more efficient processes to deliver high-quality software releases. But despite the rise of agile, silos between development and operations teams still created bottlenecks slowing down the development process. DevOps, which brings together development and IT teams, emerged as the next evolution in development to boost collaboration and release better software, faster. 


What is DevSecOps? Definition, Benefits, and Tips

DevSecOps enables the efficient delivery of secure software by integrating security into each stage of the development lifecycle.


Why Jira Service Management is Beating ServiceNow

For years, ServiceNow was the leader of ESM and ITSM. Its massive capability list and widespread adoption through discounted upfront sales made it ubiquitous in the IT community and relatively quickly – a tried and true corporate tool. You could do anything with ServiceNow, arguably you still can. 


The Importance of DevSecOps

The DoD Office of the Chief Information Officer provides policy and guidance regarding the development and utilization of software and hardware. These resources, paired with industry best-practices, play a significant role in shaping the DoD’s adoption of DevSecOps and Zero Trust Architecture.


4 Ways Organizations Can Reshape Their Approach to Application Security

From the dev team scrum to the boardroom and even within the oval office, software security has emerged as a top priority. Yet, inside these organizations, teams are still struggling to determine who is actually responsible for it.