Contegix Welcomes Jon Pugh as Director of Product, Open Source for BlackMesh Drupal Offerings

Contegix is excited to welcome Jon Pugh, Drupal expert, evangelist and creator of DevShop to the team. John recently joined the company as Director of Product, Open Source. In this role, Jon is responsible for guiding the company’s Drupal strategy to build products to ensure a seamless developer experience.


Ensuring HIPAA and FedRAMP Compliance During a Public Health Crisis

The healthcare community is under immense stress right now as the COVID-19 pandemic consumes public health expertise, medical research capacity, hospital resources and equipment availability. Luckily, there are IT and tech solutions developed with compliance in mind that hospitals and government agencies can implement to help them through the crisis.

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Enterprise Security and Remote IT Support—A Match Made in Necessity

Working from home is a new, and likely persisting, reality for many people logging on from around the world. Within this dispersed work environment, enterprise security has never been more important—or, arguably, more challenging—to get right.


Jira Portfolio (now Advanced Roadmaps): The Complete Guide

Discover everything you need to know about Portfolio for Jira in this comprehensive guide, from available features to getting started using roadmaps.


How Remote Teams Can Make the Best of Atlassian’s Now-Free Software

To combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have mandated that all “non-essential” businesses close their offices. As a result, in an unprecedented transformation of the workforce, thousands of employees are fully remote for the first time.

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What a Remote Set-Up (and Upkeep) Looks Like in the Face of a New Work From Home Reality

If you’re reading this, you likely got here thanks to home wifi. And the implications of that mean much more for your company than simply connecting employee hardware to employer networks.

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Contegix Names Mike Dunn as Chief Financial Officer

Contegix, the leading provider of managed IT solutions and managed application solutions, today announced that it has named Mike Dunn as its new chief financial officer.


Contegix Appoints David Michaud as Vice President and General Manager for Managed IT Services Business

Contegix, the leading provider of managed IT solutions and managed application solutions, today announced that it has named tech industry veteran David Michaud as its new as Vice President and General Manager for its Pennsylvania-based managed IT services business unit.