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What Government Websites Need From Their WordPress Hosting Provider

In the wake of the pandemic, websites have become the foundation of how the government engages with the residents it serves. From important tax information to healthcare, financial assistance, identification and more—the functionality and security of government websites are of the utmost importance to local, state and federal agencies. 


For Drupal Security Updates, A Third-Party Provider Can Help Keep Sites Safe and Free Up Time for IT Teams

Drupal is one of the most popular and trusted content management systems out there. This robust, open source platform powers some of the largest and most sensitive websites in the world, thanks to its customizable and secure offering—which is constantly being improved upon by its active community. 


How Drupal 9 Enables Smoother, More Efficient Drupal Migrations

Historically, migrating to a new version of Drupal has been a complicated process. In fact,  complex migrations were the norm for Drupal users until the release of Drupal 8, which moved Drupal core to a continuous innovation model. Under this new model, users now receive minor updates in their system’s functionality more frequently than major ones every six months.


Updating Drupal: A Guide to Routine Updates and Major Upgrades

Take advantage of this detailed guide to performing Drupal updates and upgrades using shell commands, Composer, or the web interface.

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Reduce Developer Burnout By Enlisting Help From Jira Software & Jira Align

Developers have always been particularly at-risk for burnout: The nature of their jobs is very isolating, and they spend much of their days in deep concentration, staring intently at a computer screen.

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How BlackMesh Helps CMS Product Owners Keep Things Secure and Compliant

Open source content management systems like Drupal, Magento and WordPress are popular options for companies today because they make it easier for IT and development teams to integrate various emerging technologies—like workflow automation tools, Kubernetes and public cloud environments—into their web applications. These open source platforms integrate new capabilities that improve the digital experience for end users or add efficiencies to internal workflows. 


On-Demand Webinar: Automated & On-Demand Infra for Secure Environments

Technical teams serving the public sector are asked to interact with more non-technical stakeholders than ever before. Developers facing this increased demand for visibility into the development process must nevertheless maintain security and compliance.  Tugboat enables teams to create on-demand infrastructure for every Git branch or tag for end-to-end visibility throughout the entire development process. As a trusted partner of Tugboat, Contegix supports Tugboat on our FedRAMP compliant platform, allowing developers access to secure tooling and environments.


The Benefits of a Hosting Provider to Ensure Secure, Compliant WordPress Sites

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems (CMSs) today, and powers about 40% of all websites, including some of the internet’s most popular webpages like The New Yorker, Reuters and Skype. This is due in part to the open source platform’s versatility: With more than 58,000 plug-ins and thousands of pre-built themes to choose from, WordPress users can build effective, customized web applications to meet their specific needs.