Why Your ITSM Strategy Matters More in an Uncertain Economy

With 130,000 tech employees laid off already this year, the industry is in a state of flux—and so are IT departments. As company priorities and team structures shift during an uncertain economy, IT teams often receive a sudden influx of tasks related to onboarding and offboarding, access management, and other service desk requests. 


Atlassian Marketplace: Fastest Movers (April 2023 Edition)

At Contegix, we believe that insight into which apps are growing is a very insightful view into the Marketplace. Because of this, every month we unveil the 10 fastest-growing apps over the past month by both absolute and percentage growth and split between paid and free apps.


New MARS™ 500 Club Apps (April 2023)

Welcome to the new Apps in the 500 Club! Made up of all Atlassian Marketplace apps with over 500 instances, the 500 Club is a key part of our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS)–Contegix'sdatabase of 3rd party Atlassian Marketplace apps.


Understanding Atlassian App Privacy for the Public Sector

While security and privacy are vital concerns for any team, these values especially matter to those in the public sector, where teams interact with sensitive information and are beholden to additional security and compliance requirements. Public sector teams require an especially high level of trust in every element of their tool stack, including marketplace apps.


6 Ways Customization Can Help You Get the Most From Jira

What do organizations Cisco, Pfizer and Walmart all have in common? Despite having vastly different products, services, organizational goals, team structures, and customers, each of these businesses runs on Atlassian’s Jira platform.

Coffee Shop

Don’t Migrate Alone: How to Navigate a Successful Cloud Migration

As organizations consider or prepare for a cloud migration, there is a great emphasis on evaluating the benefits of cloud and ensuring requirements are met with speed and security. With the growing focus to adopt Atlassian cloud, having an experienced Atlassian Platinum Solution partner can be a major asset to navigating a successful migration without disruptions.


Atlassian Marketplace: Category Leaders (March 2023)

Out of our 24 MARS™ categories, the 10 largest categories make up 90% of all Atlassian Marketplace instances. These 10 categories represent the main areas in which Jira and Confluence users look to the Marketplace to extend the functionality of their products. This blog will focus on those 10 categories.


Atlassian Marketplace: Apps to Watch (March 2023)

MARS The Atlassian Marketplace is a hub of innovative products designed to help customers extend the functionality of their Atlassian products. One of our unique offerings at Contegix is our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) database of Atlassian Marketplace 3rd party apps. Through MARS, Atlassian customers and partners can rely on us for objective, unbiased analysis and metrics on Atlassian Marketplace apps.


What is Jira? Definition, Use Cases, and Getting Started

Find out what Jira is and how it can help your organization improve project management and implement agile processes.