Security-First State of Mind: The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to DevSecOps

Agile development rose to prominence over a decade ago as developers needed faster, more efficient processes to deliver high-quality software releases. But despite the rise of agile, silos between development and operations teams still created bottlenecks slowing down the development process. DevOps, which brings together development and IT teams, emerged as the next evolution in development to boost collaboration and release better software, faster. 


What is DevSecOps? Definition, Benefits, and Tips

DevSecOps enables the efficient delivery of secure software by integrating security into each stage of the development lifecycle.


Why Jira Service Management is Beating ServiceNow

For years, ServiceNow was the leader of ESM and ITSM. Its massive capability list and widespread adoption through discounted upfront sales made it ubiquitous in the IT community and relatively quickly – a tried and true corporate tool. You could do anything with ServiceNow, arguably you still can. 


The Importance of DevSecOps

The DoD Office of the Chief Information Officer provides policy and guidance regarding the development and utilization of software and hardware. These resources, paired with industry best-practices, play a significant role in shaping the DoD’s adoption of DevSecOps and Zero Trust Architecture.


4 Ways Organizations Can Reshape Their Approach to Application Security

From the dev team scrum to the boardroom and even within the oval office, software security has emerged as a top priority. Yet, inside these organizations, teams are still struggling to determine who is actually responsible for it.


How Atlassian’s Unique Approach to IT Service Management Tools Can Support Your Organization

Over the past year and a half, the heroic efforts of IT teams have played a pivotal role in keeping businesses and services alive by building digital experiences to support a remote-first world. But even as IT departments shift gears from “emergency mode” to looking ahead to the future, the pace of digitalization is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Going forward, IT professionals will still be essential to enable business-critical operations and optimize digital experiences to meet the needs of users. 


Accelerating DevSecOps in the Public Sector

Secure software development, while important for any organization, is especially critical within the public sector, where highly sensitive information is processed. For government IT teams, complying with complex regulations such as FedRAMP (a standard specifically developed to protect government data) is a required aspect of software development.


Updates Users Can Expect from Atlassian’s Cloud Roadmap

From fintech to ecommerce, organizations across industries have increasingly relied on the cloud to build and offer digital services.