Jira Administrators: Role, Qualifications, and First Steps

Learn what it takes to be an effective Jira administrator and how Jira administrators can hit the ground running.


How Government Agencies Can Leverage Increased Funding for Cybersecurity

Despite a rocky road to its final passage, President Biden recently signed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, a much-needed measure to address the nation’s critical need to improve cybersecurity. The new law allocates a whopping $2 billion to fund cybersecurity and related provisions designed to bolster security resiliency—in both public and private sectors—and better safeguard communities against the fallout of cyberattacks. 


eBook: How DevSecOps Solves the Top 4 Software Security Challenges

Address Application Security Without Reduced Productivity Implementing DevSecOps processes allows IT teams to incorporate security policies into the DevOps cycle. This eBook will cover:


Planning for Your Transition to DevSecOps

Adopting DevSecOps can help IT teams improve software security, a top priority for many organizations. DevSecOps, the latest evolution of DevOps, shifts security left in the software development lifecycle and reimagines security as a shared responsibility between development, operations and security professionals. But before teams adopt DevSecOps, establishing a clearly defined vision and understanding how existing operations need to change is paramount.


Agile Project Management: How to Get Started

Discover what agile project management really is and how to start realizing the benefits of agile for your team.


8 Top Drupal Hosting Options for Your Website

Find out how Drupal hosting can transform the web experience and compare 8 of the top Drupal hosting providers.


Three Ways Confluence Keeps Hybrid and Evolving Teams Connected

Developers have adjusted to collaborating with each other and issuing software releases remotely––and this change in workstyle has impacted organizations’ performance. A recent report from Gartner shows that although 92% of development teams are writing more code, 63% of teams are releasing less frequently, and the average release size is up by 64%. 


Low, Moderate or High: What FedRAMP Impact Level is Right for You?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, has been around for nearly a decade. But with the dramatic rise of high-profile, cloud-based cyberattacks at a time when citizens’ reliance on technology has grown, cybersecurity has become top priority—even capturing the attention of the nation’s highest office as more organizations begin working with the public sector.