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Contegix Hires Chief Revenue Officer

The following Press Release was issued today announcing a new addition to our executive team. John Emard joins Contegix as our new Chief Revenue Officer. He brings with him a wealth of talent and experience, and we are very excited to welcome him to the team.


5 Ways to Mess Up Your Migration to the Public Cloud

what are the most common mistakes people make when moving to the public cloud? Let’s discuss so you can avoid them.


IT Service Desk: The Importance of Measuring Quality Assurance

Evaluating and measuring Quality Assurance in the Service Desk is important because it ensures continuous improvement in consistency and quality of customer interactions across all channels.

project management

The Top 5 Project Management Features of Confluence

Confluence provides powerful tools for teams to collaborate, complete projects, and review tasks. Here are the top five project management features of Confluence that are useful to any team.


The 4 Keys to a Successful Migration to the Public Cloud

There are multiple benefits of moving to the public cloud, but developing a clear strategy and successfully making the migration are critical to realizing those benefits. So how do we do that?


Q&A With a Drupal Expert

Get answers to all of your pressing Drupal questions during this short video. Contegix expert, Ron Johnson, fields questions about everything from migration to developer tools.


IT Service Desk: Why Management Reports Matter

Maintaining an accurate IT Service Management database of Incident and Request tickets for customers provides valuable management information to all involved in an IT Organization.  


Why Is Scalability Important for My Business?

For a business, scalability means that you are prepared to handle an increasing number of customers, clients, and/or users.